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How to optimize your WooCommerce Checkout page for more revenue

Optimizing your WooCommerce checkout page is an excellent way of building long-term rapport with your customers. Your efforts to optimize your WooCommerce checkout page not only boosts your eCommerce customer retention efforts, but also increases the order size and generates more income.

Optimizing your WooCommerce checkout page

This article intends to discuss a few tips with which you can optimize your WooCommerce checkout for more revenue and enhanced customer experience.

Minimize checkout frustration

Studies show that people abandon carts due to the complications in the checkout process. If you minimize the frustration during the checkout process, you will see positive changes in the number of people completing the checkout process.

Here are a few tips to simplify the checkout process:

  • Make sure that you add only the required fields. The lesser the number of fields, the easier will be the checkout process. Checkout field editor will help you simplify this process.
  • Optimize your WooCommerce checkout by allowing one-page checkout. This means  letting the customers add products to their carts and make payments on the same page.   
  • Facilitate hassle-free payment options on the website than sending customers to a third-party platform. Try to best payment gateways to keep the customers without distraction.
  • Additionally, you can also facilitate a guest checkout options or go for WooCommerce social logins for someone who wants to make a quick purchase.

Offer purchase add-ons

As a last minute deal you can offer purchase add-ons which they can add to their cart. This will also help you increase the order value while making the checkout process exciting for the customer while trying to optimize your WooCommerce checkout page.

Feature upsells and cross-sells

According to WooCommerce, “Upselling is offering the same kind of product at an increased price” and “A cross-sell is a product recommendation that complements an existing product the customer is buying”. You can display upsells and cross-sells on the checkout page to make it more optimized.

Provide multiple payment methods

In order to provide enhanced checkout experience, do some research to understand your customers and learn the methods they already use for the most successful payment experience. Providing best payment experience is one of the most successful ways to optimize your checkout page.

Implement points and rewards

Implementing a points or rewards system at checkout will help you have repeated purchases. You can put a rewards system in place for completing purchases, or for performing some actions like leaving a review. When they reach a milestone by accumulating a specified number of points, you can let them avail a discount in exchange for the points. 

Bring additional customer focused features

Your checkout page will be the last place where the customer interacts with you. Make the most out of this by adding additional features that can build your trust.

You can start with adding testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers. Implementing a live chat support to provide additional support to the customer will also delight them and will benefit you. Make sure that you display your return policies and contact information in a place which is easily visible. This will build trust and add transparency.


Implement these ideas right away to optimize your WooCommerce checkout page, reduce your shopping cart abandonment and increase your revenue.

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