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How to Boost Conversions for Newly Opened Stores

Boosting conversions is the process where you take your website visitors to the sales track. The more people purchase from you, the more beneficial path you will be in. You need to be well equipped to convert sales to your newly launched website.

Boosting conversions

Every new business seeks heavy traffic. But many don’t realize that huge traffic with no conversion is not good for the company. Check out these tips to boost conversions for your newly opened stores.

Easy tracking of products

Your customers should be able to find their products easily without much of a hunt. If the fid this process time consuming you will lose the customer to your competitor. The customer should get the exact product searched and only related products along with the searched product. If too many unrelated products come as an obstacle the customer may feel frustrated and leave your e-commerce site.

a) For this purpose, your search results should be configured in a way that the results are accurate. Even if the customer misspells the product your site should be able to catch the exact word and the synonyms of the name so that related products appear and the customer can select the needed one.

b) You can also customize your search results using product attributes. Your site should be able to give results when the product attribute like size, color, material, etc is given. This way the customer can directly go through the product options they are looking for without further delays.

Product Name and Description

Before launching your site spend quality time naming your products and giving a description for them. Many customers go through the product description before purchasing a product. Give an attractive description of the product. The product name should also be accurate and not confusing to the customer like most of the time they give product name to search for the product they buy. You can give details or descriptions on the brand name, size, color, benefits, weight, etc.

Product Image and Video

Another strategy to boost conversions for the newly opened stores are to attract customers with high-quality images. Since it is virtual shopping and your customers can’t touch or feel the product, you should make sure that the product image is crystal clear from all angles. You should provide a 360-degree view of your product to satisfy your customer. Make sure you only use high-resolution images. It would also be beneficial if you can give a zoom-in and zoom-out option.

If possible, try adding a short video on your product. Describe all the attributes of your product in this video.

Hassle-free Checkout

Make sure that your checkout page is simple and short. If it takes a lot of time, you may lose the conversion due to customers’ lack of time. Give them various payment options to choose from rather than one single method. This was the customer will even come back to your site for an easy purchase experience while boosting your conversion rates.

More Product Attraction

Once your customer comes to your website, try to make sure your customer gets attracted to other related products and ends up buying more than one product. You can compel them to buy showing related product images and showing how they will gel with the product they have already added to the cart.

Launch Promotions

As a start-up, if you give a launch promotion with a limited day offer you will attract a lot of new conversions. The time pressure you give the customers will literally compel them to buy the product they want faster.


Reviews of your product and comments from your previous customers will help a long way. Customers always tend to read through the review of the product they want to buy. This will help you in bringing in new customers too. As a new site if you don’t have many reviews you can always show the activities of other customers on your site. For example, some sites show how many people are currently checking for the same product. This automatically gives them a push to buy the product.

Boosting conversions- final Words

All you need to do is proper planning considering the above points to boost conversions of your newly opened eCommerce store.

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