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5 Common eCommerce Shipping Mistakes Retailers Make

Online business owners often look for ways to avoid common eCommerce shipping mistakes. They strive to find out ways to make the shipping process more manageable and more contoured. It is one of the most effective ways towards successful customer retention.

Common mistakes in eCommerce Shipping

This article covers the common shipping mistakes made by eCommerce business owners. Be sure to avoid these to get on the growth track!

Ineffective packaging and shipping

Packaging plays an important role in safeguarding your customer’s orders. Clearly, defective or inadequate packing will damage or break the products causing you money and reputation. Expending money returns, and potential customer loss can all be avoided if you ensure your consumer’s items are packed and protected properly while in transit.

Finally, the consumers may want their orders as fast as possible. But that doesn’t mean that you have to rush your order either which might result in accidents along the way.

Not automating when possible

One way to get your business ahead and pace up the growth is to automate simple processes. For growing eCommerce stores, the first step towards using automation may be printing shipping or address labels instead of writing out them manually.

Additionally, order fulfillment and inventory management can be easily automated, and therefore, you can save a lot of time too.

Overpaying for shipping

It takes a great effort to keep the shipping costs in control to keep the business running. The best way to avoid overpaying is to do clear research on the different shipping options. Also, looking out different options will help you choose the right and cheapest shipping option every time which will save you money.

Order fulfillment mistakes

Order fulfillment is as important as packaging and receiving the wrong parcel will upset the customer big time. Setting up an order fulfillment solution will help ensure that your fulfillment center draws precise and printable pick lists, so packaging and shipping are more efficient.

Post-delivery customer service

Customer satisfaction largely depends on error-free shipping too. Shipping mistakes can make the customers dissatisfied. Moreover, timely delivery and faster resolution play vital roles in ensuring customer satisfaction.

Make sure you proper communication channels to keep in touch with customers and look into their queries on time. The sooner the better. Moreover, many customers let go of the mistakes if they are given fast and good resolutions.


Perfect packaging and flawless order fulfillment, prompt customer service, cost-effective shipping, and automation will let you put away these common shipping mistakes that cause dissatisfied customers and lowconversion rates.

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