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Email Marketing 101: Tips to Get You Started

According to the latest strategies, 60% of marketers consider that email marketing generates a positive ROI. It is important that you run your campaign in the right direction and then set some best practices in place to ensure the customers’ delight.

Check out the following tips to

Email marketing tips

How about having a set of tips and best practices for creating a successful email marketing strategy?

Create an email marketing plan

It is ideal to create an email marketing plan and the following steps will guide you:

Define your audience: Having a better understanding of your audience will help you formulate better communication plans. This will help you build better trust through personalized and targeted emails.

Moreover, it is good to create groups and segments to send more relevant and personalized emails to your recipients. The more related the campaign, the better the results.

Decide what to write: Once you have identified the audience, it is better to come up with a content strategy plan. Your email marketing plan should really communicate with your customers and also, pursue them to sign up.

Establish your sending frequency and goals: Timing is a decisive factor that influences the success of your email campaign to a large extent. Schedule the emails in such a way that the reader gets some time to open them and consider what’s written in there.

Send your email campaign at your own pace, and check the unsubscribe rates and the click-through rates to adjust the frequency after proper analysis.

Make a schedule: Make sure you are on the right track by creating a content calendar to schedule your campaigns, blog posts, social media posts, etc. Also, the schedule must ideally depend on the industry, the type of content, and the sending frequency.

Design your emails

A straightforward design is always good to keep the focus on your message. Having a unique email design laying out all the elements. Responsive designs are also a good idea.

Test your emails

Test in different email clients: Be sure to check the emails on mobile devices as well as they can look different in responsive designs.

Send test emails to friends and coworkers: It is a good idea to test emails within your closed group so that you get a preview of the email directly in their inbox.

Find the best version with A/B Testing campaigns: Ensure you test your email with a small group before sending it out. A preflight test of emails is always recommended. You can also perform a split test where you test two variations and analyze which one is more effective and gives better outcomes.

Measure your performance

Measuring the performance of your email marketing campaign will let you bring in minor changes to your emails that will generate large results. 

Final thoughts

Building an email list and sending compelling email campaigns lets you come up with a way to retain the hard-earned traffic by gifting the subscribers with an incentive to stay in touch. So what are you waiting for?

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