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Launching Your Ecommerce Store: A Post-Launch Checklist

Similar to a website launch checklist, having an post-launch checklist for your eCommerce Store is always a good option, especially when there are a series of things that can go wrong until the store is up and running. Also, there are certain points that you need to look out for to make sure that the process runs as smoothly as possible.

There are several things you should consider post-launch . Complete this five-point checklist to get the most out of your eCommerce store.

Post-launch checklist for your eCommerce Store

This post-launch checklist for your eCommerce store intends to run you through the basic checkpoints that can easily make your store operate without any hassles.

1. Set up Google Analytics

Google Analytics is amazing when it comes to tracking the success of your marketing efforts and formulating improvement plans. This makes it an important element in your post-launch checklist for your store. Google Analytics helps you analyze and track your return on investment with detailed reports.

2. Use and create Site Links

It is always good to keep your customers n the latest products, services, deals, and other company information. Expanding your reach and adding links to other established sites will get you credibility and reputation. To do consider building relationships with other sites, putting mutual backlinks will foster positive interactions with your partners. Thus, your will gain more post-launchz credibility.

3. Sign up for Google Alerts

Google Alerts is another item in your post-launch eCommerce checklist. It alerts you each time your business is mentioned online. This is a form of reputation management that will help take remedial actions.

Google Alerts is a smart way to track the search results for a given query. Google Alert saves a lot of time because you get an email from Google whenever your specified query shows up on the web. The best part is setting up Google Alerts is free.

4. Manage your reviews

It is vital that you set up a review system for your store where visitors can leave both positive and negative remarks or comments about your business and online products.

Your eCommerce store pages should be something that encourages the customers to leave reviews. Customer reviews build instantaneous credibility and trust. This may include text, photos, videos, and star ratings.

5. Implement trust seals

Trust seals are important in building instant trust in the customer when they visit your website. A trust seal is a logo or a trademark of a trustable company where your business has been featured in any form. This could be a review, interview, awards won, or comparison websites.

This ultimately showcases that you are a trustworthy company. Therefore, it is crucial that you showcase the trust seals on your site where the customer notices it.


 To summarize, the ultimate aim is to create a positive shopping experience and an easy way to search the products, check the quality of photos, and a seamless checkout experience.

With these five tips in this eCommerce launch checklist, we hope your business flourishes after its launch, and that you have a prosperous year ahead!

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