Drive More Traffic to Your WooCommerce Store: A checklist for 2021

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Do you want to drive traffic to your WooCommerce when you have only a virtual store? First, you have to be known to your targeted audience and they should know you exist in the market. An attractive website alone won’t do any wonders. For a good income from your commerce store, there are few points to be considered which we will discuss in detail.

Checklist to drive more traffic to your wooCommerce store

This checklist for 2021 list out effective strategies to drive more traffic to your WooCommerce store and thus take your business to another level.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Everyone needs fast results. Noone looks for what they need for too long. Make sure your site comes in the first few lists to attract your Woo Commerce Store to the probable customers.

a) Keywords

Give keywords apt to your business. When your targeted customers search with specific keywords it can take them to your page without much hassle.

b) Title

Just giving a title that is not related to your commerce site won’t help you to attract customers. You should also give apt title for each product you sell so that the customer knows where can they get the products they need when they do a generic search. For example, if you just give Our Products as a subtitle, it won’t help you reach your targeted customer. Instead, if you name each product you are directly attracting your targeted audience.

c) Image

Make sure you give images for all the product names. It will attract your targeted audience even more.

d) Meta Description and URL

When your customers search for their needed products in common search engines like Google and Bing giving a good meta description and URL will optimize the search.

2. Mobile Optimization

Nowadays, majority of the customers use their mobiles for shopping rather than a laptop or pc. If your site is not properly optimized for the mobile view you are losing a major number of your possible customers. There are methods to optimize your sites to whatever digital platform your customer uses. It is at the expensive pole, but always the best choice for the future.

Alternatively, you can create a mobile app also for your WooCommerce store.

3. Speed

Everyone is busy these days. No one waits for a minute extra when there are various options to choose from. Make sure that you keep a check on your website speed and doesn’t take long to download each product. This can annoy your customers and you are making way for extra business for your competitors.

4. Social Media

Social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, etc are the hottest selling places for various fields. There are groups you can join to promote your website and if you market your products and site well you can get a huge amount of customers increasing your web traffic at a fast pace.

5. Newsletter

Once your WooCommerce store is ready to go, send personalized newsletters to targeted customers. In this way, you can get hold of a connection with your customers and it will make sure that they will come back to you.

6. Live Chat and Customer Feedback

A Live chat will always come into use when your customers are stuck in your WooCommerce store. This way you can keep the customer leaving your site for another one. Helping them in each stage when they require a human touch will always help. The live chat must be interactive and fast in giving the required answers. It is always better to keep the live chat option 24/7 and in different languages depending on your targeted customers.

Customer feedback can always help you to improve your WooCommerce store by considering constructive feedback. It can also help you to boost your sales when your previous customers give good feedback on your products. This has been already tested on famous sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc

Hope this checklist helps you to drive more traffic to your WooCommerce store and thus, grow your business.

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