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Woocommerce Mobile App: Ente Book Case Study

Entebook App build with appmaker
EnteBook website and mobile application

Bookstores have gone online. This case study is based on Entebook, who is a delegate customer of ours. 

Entebook sells books online. They have a wide range of collection of books matching the interests of Keralites where the targeted audiences are book readers, students of the Malayali community and of course, the book lovers.

A standard benchmark in the domain of selling books is set by Entebook and yes the store is building a great brand.


 Entebook has been a customer of appmaker.xyz since December 2k17. A mobile app for a bookstore was a bang. The sales of Entebook have increased by 30%. There were a total 2,400 orders delivered and over 40,000 books were sold out. Out of the total sales, 80% was via the mobile app.

 At the same time, Alexa ranking has been boosted from 21 lakh to 74,000 in India.

60-second video showcasing how beautiful the App is-

Most of the features provided by appmaker.xyz was effectively put into practice by Entebook. This makes it clear that we provide a user-friendly platform for building the app the way you dreamed of.

App Walkthrough

Let’s take a leap into their Entebook mobile app!

Splash screen designed with woocommerce appmaker
Splash Screen of Entebook app

The feature set provided by appmaker starts here.

The above image is the splash screen of the Ente Book app.  Here they have used the app name as the splash screen icon and if you want, the app icon can be set instead.

App developed build with woocommerce appmaker
Entebook app Homepage

As you can see, the In-app pages are absolutely winning. The home (In-App) page is build using the widgets provided by appmaker.xyz.

Appmaker provides all the necessary widgets to build an app for your woocommerce website.

The home (In-app) page here is build using the following widgets

  • Slider
  • Image Scroller
  • Product Scroller
  • Grid
  • Image Scroller
  • Menu
  • Pre-Build Scroller

Utilizing the above widgets, the homepage of Entebook is well designed. Other than the above widgets, there is an additional widget, namely text widget.

The navigation menu  of Ente book is like this,

Navigation bar build with appmaker.xyz
Entebook Navigation bar
  • The drawer header
  • The menu

Both the In-app page and navigation bar contains a different menu set. You can create a menu the way you want it to be.

The drawer header of the Entebook app is the name and logo of the app.  The drawer header contains the login and language option.

If the Multilanguage option was enabled by Entebook, the language switcher will be visible in this drawer header other than the login.

An action can be set for each element in the menu.

Social login is highly recommended for every app as this has increased the registration rate in apps. Enabling a social login such as Facebook lets you grab additional data of the end users and know the interests of the user.

Appmaker.xyz supports Facebook login just as you see

Social login enabled with woocommerce appmaker
Social Login- EnteBook

There are certain buttons and options which can be hidden within the app. Add to cart and buy now buttons are two among them. Entebook has not disabled this option and you can see it in their app.

Add to cart, buy now and wishlist can be easily enabled with appmaker. Moreover, filter option and sort options can be set according to the purpose of your app.

Product page build with EnteBook
Product in EnteBook App
The checkout page will be displayed when the customer proceeds with buy now option.

Checkout page developed with appmaker
Checkout Page – EnteBook

Appmaker assists you with publishing the app to play store and App store. There are more than  10k+ downloads and the rating for the app is about 4.6,

Entebook app build with appmaker
Entebook App in Playstore

Amjad, CEO of Entebook.com on his recent visit to Appmaker HQ(See pic)


With the feature set provided by appmaker.xyz, you can build a quality app just like Entebook.com.

Create your app for free!

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