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Email marketing checklist for 2022

Email marketing one of the best and oldest among marketing campaigns. It always creates a personalized connection with the customer if used effectively. Quality of content and flawless execution are the cruces of email marketing campaigns ranging from seasonal sale emails to follow-up emails post-sales.

Email marketing

Take your email marketing to the next level by ensuring that your email campaign checks all the points given below. A preflight only helps you to optimize the process. So, read on!

1. Perfect the timing

Timing is a decisive factor that influences the success of your email campaign to a great extent. Schedule the emails in such a way that the reader gets some time to open them and consider what’s written in there.

2. Use segmented email list

Segmenting the audience should one of the first and foremost things that you have to do when you are getting new subscribers. You can create an email list based on your customer’s demographic attributes such as age, professions, and audience interests.

Receiving generic emails may cause customers to lose interest and this might increase the bounce rates. Check out some best email list management practices.

3. Come up with catchy subject lines

Coming up with compelling subject lines will go a long way in boosting the conversion rates. If you segment your email lists, will help you personalize the subject lines. Addressing your customers with their name is also efficient to create instant rapport.

4. Personalize your content

Optimizing your content and personalizing it are always a fruitful strategy in email marketing. It includes optimizing the preview text, main body content. Some time should be spent on building email content for smaller screens such as mobiles and tablets.

5. Include varieties of content elements

Make your emails exciting by adding various content types such as images, short videos, gifs, etc. You can also include CTA (Call to action) buttons to improve engagements. Readers always prefer images rather than long chunks of text.

Using various content elements such as infographics and providing social icons will boost the chances of your content being shared thus reaching out to a wider population.

6. Do a split test

Make sure you test your email with a small group before sending it out. A preflight test of emails is always recommended. You can also perform a split test where you test two variations and analyze which one is more effective and gives better outcomes.

7. Analyze the results

In order to understand the success of each email that is sent out and to leverage what sells well, you have to analyze their performance.

Also, this helps you to monitor the KPI, bounce rates and take informed decisions to create better-selling content in the future. It also helps you to drive aftersale email campaigns.

Take away

As mentioned above, impeccable content and perfect execution of the email campaigns make the customers choose you over your competitors. Send your emails with confidence and win a few customer hearts out there!

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