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7 Best Ways To Spook Up Your WooCommerce Store For Halloween

Halloween ideas for WooCommerce store

How does your WooCommerce store welcome Halloween?

Halloween 2022 is closer. One of the best times of the year to update the look of your WooCommerce store. People love trick or treat, Jack-O’-Lanterns, candy bags, and ‘HALLOWEEN OFFERS‘.

Halloween ideas for WooCommerce store

Try out everything that pops up in your mind. You dress up weirdly, why not your store?

Bringing in Halloween-based marketing and an outlook for WooCommerce can be the first effective method to break the ice. Allow your WooCommerce store to serve as a candy bag for your customers.

Let’s see what more can be done to make the full usefulness of Halloween.

How about “Pumpkinizing” your WooCommerce web and In-App page

Halloween Store Ideas for WooCommerce Store

A costume makeover is just perfect for your WooCommerce store when Halloween is nearing.

This brings the effect of silently screaming…

…” Hey! well, we sell all the Halloween products”.

Change the entire store theme to a ghosty look – Including some cobwebs, spiders, skeletons, and pumpkin ghosts can do even better.

Like being creative with marketing website ideas? then Halloween is the best chance that you can use to bring out and experiment with them.

Be creative while giving a title for the product and giving images.

Halloween special product page

A Halloween special page for both your WooCommerce website and store is always inevitable. It can bring in more customers and do a great part in enhancing the business. This is because users browse for Halloween special offers.

Moreover creating one landing page for Halloween doesn’t hurt your business or eat your time.

Halloween product ideas for WooCommerce stores

Show off the latest Halloween products and trends here. Make it clear that the page is entirely for Halloween products. This can be seen in the titles, descriptions, and images you add to your web and in-app content.

Halloween ideas for WooCommerce store

Don’t forget to optimize your pages by giving them titles and meta-descriptions that include the keywords ( Probably words including Halloween and related words).

Decorate your Web and InApp page with the following as a part of your Halloween promotions.

Banners and sliders:

Banners are eye catchy, create one or two banners for each pages representing Halloween. Promotions and discounts regarding Halloween can be displayed here and go for deep linking.
Halloween ideas for WooCommerce store, Happy Halloween
Include sliders into your mobile apps and showcase some Halloween special product in those.

Quiz and win:

Halloween Quiz idea for WooCommerce store

The best way to acquire new customers is to introduce a quiz. Relate the quiz questions to the subject of Halloween and choose a winner at the end of the process.

This can be more interesting for the shoppers and a way to show our store’s loyalty. Bring in some Halloween social media ideas.

Halloween gift cards:

Halloween Gift Cards for WooCommerce store

Make sure you announce the Halloween special deals and offers 2-3 week ahead of Halloween. Let the users be aware of the gift card and Halloween deals that you are going to sprinkle.

Pro tips:

Treat your regular customers special. Reward them with a gift card which normally includes discounts, free shipping, surprise gift. This is an excellent method to start with promotions.

Include Social Media:

At this age, what is more fun than posting crazy photos and videos on social media?

Line up your employees in spooky costumes and make a crazy video, so that you can share it on social media or make your users post their pics in costume.

Transparency always grabs people’s attention, and attention drives sales.

Wrap it all

People exchange small gifts during the days of Halloween – “Wrapped in cute ghosty covers“.

Halloween gift cover ideas for WooCommerce store

Design several packs for the products and combine a set of products that are similar and offer a nice deal for your customers.

Consider this example.

People who want to buy a mobile phone from your store are likely to buy headphones or a phone cases.

Why not offer an attractive deal by providing a combo pack of all three as a part of your halloween marketing!

Summing it up

Halloween is so close. It is the peak time to bring a change over for your WooCommerce store. Start the marketing campaign and put up the Halloween banners for your E-store.

Don’t forget to include Halloween-themed products. Do SEO so that your products and pages rank up. Including a quiz and prize program helps you engage more users with your e-store.

Customize push notifications for Halloween and notify the end-users of the Halloween special products and offers. Sending the right amount of push notifications has the ability to engage users.

This Halloween, use our M-Commerce Free Evo to get your sales back on track.

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