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Tips to increase mobile conversion rates of online store

People in this era are dependent on mobile for everything that they need and most of their social media time happens on mobile devices. Therefore mobile happens to be the key channel that connects your company with the people. The mobile conversion rates specify the rate of people who joined in the mobile marketing campaign, out of the total people who saw the campaign. This percentage decides how successful your marketing approach is. 

As we all know that, mobile is the current trend for every industry. Therefore with the hike in this trend the users become more responsible to bring up mobile-friendly websites and interactive mobile applications to increase the mobile conversion rates. Hence the owners should adopt the best tactics to increase the mobile conversion rates through device optimization.

So, here we will see a few tips which you can use to increase the mobile conversion rates. Thereby, focusing more on mobile audiences which helps to increase your sale.

Site optimization

Site optimization includes site design and images that make your site attractive. Studies have shown that a good site design promotes the visitors to stay on your site. And it also helps to build trust among the customers and thereby increasing the sale. In order to increase the mobile conversion rates, you make the site designs mobile-adaptive that helps the customers to use it easily. Above all, focus on conducting mobile responsive marketing campaigns.

Above all, the product images should be of high quality to make the visitors stick on your site. Higher the quality of your product images, the larger the trust customers have on your product. Also, as quality increases, it makes it easier to compress and resize the image for mobile use. 

Improve the speed

Mobile page speed optimization can largely increase the mobile conversion rate. Studies have shown that most of the visitors tend to abandon the page if there is not enough speed. The render start time of the mobile page has to be improved to make the visitors stick on your page, thereby engaging more people which helps to increase the mobile conversion rates. You can improve the speed in various ways such as using a content delivery network, caching plugin, etc.

The more quickly a web page loads, the more it encourages the customers to stay on the page. The users should adopt the necessary methods for speed optimization. There are several culprits that make your webpage slow. Even massive image files can hinder the speed of your website.

Reduce Cart abandonment

If the site doesn’t provide enough features for the visitors, they will have a tendency to abandon the page, thereby reducing the mobile conversion rates. The abandonment can be reduced by putting a targeted offer to the visitors in order to get their notice before they leave.

You can also improve the payment methods and checkout processes to make the customers visit your site more frequently. Use the best mobile payment solutions to improve the conversion process to a very great extent. Also, the studies have shown that 42% of people abandon the site if the checkout process is complicated, therefore measures should be taken in order to fix the checkout process. You can enhance the checkout process by reducing the checkout steps, showing the visitors’ flow throughout the checkout, and by using a guest checkout which allows the visitors to purchase without signing up. 

Creating mobile apps for your store

Mobile apps allow the customers to handle the online tasks easily. It mostly provides ready made information on everything. So that the customers are guided appropriately to carry out any task. This in turn has helped in increasing the mobile conversion rates to a great extent. Now a days there are several websites available that aids you in easily creating a mobile app for your store, without the requirement of any coding knowledge.

SMS and Push Notifications

In mobile marketing, you have to make use of its resources to the fullest in order to increase mobile conversion rates. SMS messaging and push notification are two of the core features that help you increase conversions. Since every cell phone is able to receive text messages, mobile users can be best linked through SMS. Push notifications help to engage mobile users to a very great extent, thereby increasing the conversion rates.

According to experts, push notifications trigger more audience for the purchase. Therefore it is used as a successful marketing method to engage more customers and to increase the mobile conversion rate.

Support and guidance

Focus on providing better online guidance and support so that the customers will not have the tendency to leave the page. It is also necessary to make sure that it works flawlessly on mobile devices as well, thus you can increase the conversion rates. Provide as much as information that is necessary to keep the visitors on your page. You can offer On page support while selling complex products. You can specify frequently asked questions and give contact numbers to provide further assistance.

Mobile- friendly checkout forms

7 out of 10 potential customers abandon the checkout page and never get back. So that it affects your revenue. What if you could reduce this to 50% or less? Luckily there are tons of ways to optimize your checkout process. So that, it motivates more clients to go through with the sale. This is extremely important when you are selling high ticket items.

Research has shown that 75-80% of customers complete and submit their orders on mobile devices. Therefore enhancement in the checkout forms will engage more customers, thereby increasing mobile conversion rate.

Customer testimonials

The more real social proof you add, the more it empowers the customers to have the confidence of right decision being taken. The customer testimonials lets you know more about your brand. Studies have shown that 87% if customers rely on online reviews for the purchase of any products.

The testimonials can help highlight the key features of your store and the products, thereby it increases the credibility. Above all, these reviews can improve the conversion rate to a greater extent. Survey revealed that expensive items were shown a conversion rate of about 350% compared to the lower price items’ conversion rate of about 170%.


There are limitless ways to increase the mobile conversion rate. A few of those are listed above. The users should be regularly updated about the latest market trends. And adopt the best strategies to increase the mobile conversion rate. Taking the right strategy at the right time and implementing it effectively will improve the conversion rate to skyrocket your sales.

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