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How To Make The Best Product Page for Your WooCommerce Store

It’s time to create a WooCommerce product page that looks best for your store if you are trying to generate more sales from your WooCommerce store. When you create woocommerce pages, customizing the WooCommerce product page will help your product page look at its best and be more convincing. Creating attractive and persuasive WooCommerce product pages will not only help you to grow your sales but will also encourage customers to make their repeated purchases from your store.

The Importance of Product Pages for Your eCommerce Store

A product page is a page on your WooCommerce website that displays your product inventory that is meant for the customer to buy. It’s of significant importance as it helps the visitors decide what they want to purchase according to many specifications like price, features, reviews, and product comparison.

Product pages offer general guidance for enhancing performance or encouraging traffic your way. While these points can be extremely effective, loading pages fast and getting visitors to your site won’t necessarily bring the conversion rate you want if your product pages are still lacking. At the end of the day, that is where revenue generation from purchases actually takes place.

Product pages are a prime source of information about the different products customers may want to buy.

Ways to Create Better Product Pages for Your WooCommerce Store

Depending on the nature of your product and business, product pages demand unique designs to enhance their feature and functioning.

Optimize product descriptions with keywords

Applying keywords in your product descriptions can speed up their searches and filter out inappropriate results. When writing descriptions for your product pages, make it a point to practice common terms that users might be searching for when looking for specific sorts of items. Highlight key features, and apply clear and direct language so visitors can appreciate the benefits of buying your products.

Incorporate high-quality images

One of the most difficult aspects of buying products online is that it’s more challenging to get an idea of what the items are like in person. You can help reduce your customers’ indecision by providing high-quality images of your products. This will also help you in showcasing WooCommerce featured products in a better way.

Include conversion-boosting elements

Incorporating one-click purchase buttons, variation, quantity selectors, and other factors that streamline your product pages’ UX can go a long way towards promoting your profits.

Minimizing friction throughout the buyer’s journey can help advance your sales rate and minimize shopping cart abandonment.

Go for customize WooCommerce page and template

Beyond adding advanced elements, page builders also enable you to see your content from a customer’s perspective while you’re creating it. This can help you catch potential problems that might derail buyers and steer them away from your site.

With a page builder, you can also utilize the WooCommerce product page template to speed up the design process and maintain consistency between product listings.

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Intuitive layout

Your customer should be able to know how to use your website even if they don’t understand the language. There’s a general product page layout that your online store should integrate. Checking out WooCommerce product page examples of your competitors will help you in this goal.

When choosing a theme for your store, you should make sure it looks similar to other popular websites in your niche. Make sure your Add to Cart button can be clearly seen. Make sure your Add to Cart button can be clearly seen.

Social sharing buttons

Social sharing buttons are great for promoting your product page, especially when you have a popular product. Social share buttons give customers the ability to display their ecommerce purchases on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or other social media platforms.

The majority of online shoppers also use at least one form of social media, so these buttons create free promotions for an online store. Doing A/B testing on your store will help you determine whether or not social sharing will work for you.

Shipping information

By having this succinct information on the product page, you prevent the customer from moving off the page to read your shipping information, as the essential point is clarified on the page itself.

Highlighting the conditions of free shipping allows your customer to add more products to their cart if they choose to.

Customer reviews

According to eMarketer, customer reviews are more trusted than the business/ manufacture descriptions. Thus, displaying customer reviews can always help boost your sales and convert the customer if they’re usually positive.

Displaying customer reviews on your product page is vital for creating confidence in the minds of potential customers. If you’re driving traffic to a product page, the reviews on your store can give browsers the extra push towards closing that sale without you doing much work.

Recommended products

Displaying recommended products inspire customers to spend more time on your site. When it comes to recommended products, avoid having products that look too identical. The Best product page for WooCommerce should help the customer to simplify his or her decision of making the purchase.

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WooCommerce Product Pages – Plugins

Here’s a list of Plugins that will come in handy:

  • WooCommerce Product Builder is a plugin that lets your customers piece together a complete product set from small components. The plugin is based on WooCommerce and includes a number of important features such as compatibility, email completed product, attribute filters, and so on.
  • Using WooCommerce’s Featured Product First plugin, you can show featured products first in any sorting order. It assists you in increasing the revenue of your store. It has a WooCommerce Featured Product widget in the sidebar. It is entirely compatible with WooCommerce and WordPress product pages.

ECommerce Product page – best practices for success

If you are looking to increase your sales and revenue by improving your product page then you can consider the below tips. Keep these in mind when you think about how to add products in WooCommerce:

  • Be clear with the WooCommerce product list descriptions, goal, price, and other aspects
  • Post attractive product images and display product image in different angles
  • Make sure your product page is focused on solving customer concerns
  • Use live chat plugins to address customers concerns
  • Add a sense of urgency to boost conversions
  • Ensure that all the call to action buttons are highlighted and easily noticeable
  • Add product videos on the product page to make the understanding more easy for the customers
  • Include real-time purchase history and social proof on your eCommerce page
  • Pursue product upsell, cross-sell and product recommendation when needed
  • Feature customer reviews where they are easy to find
  • A/B social sharing buttons to improve efficiency
  • Make sure you follow an intuitive layout and attractive theme

Best product page for WooCommerce – Takeaway

Well-crafted WooCommerce product pages enhance the value of your products. Learn how to create a WooCommerce page that looks cool and boosts the confidence of your potential buyers.

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