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Definitive Guide on Writing Product Descriptions To Grow Sales

Often, writing product descriptions takes a backseat while eCommerce store owners get busy with the cool visual aspects of their product detail pages. Wait, that’s all that matters, right?

Well, here are some interesting statistics from OneSpace, that will answer the above question:

  • About, 87% of the consumers depend on product descriptions as a significant deciding factor for making purchases
  • Content shoppers look for product specifications, reviews and images in general. Among them 76% prefer specifications
  • About 50% of the buyers have returned a product bought online because it didn’t match the product description

Therefore, writing informative and persuading product descriptions is vital for pushing the conversion rate upwards.

How to write product descriptions

Creating a compelling product description is one of the strategies to bring your product and your customer together. This guide suggests 8 easy-to-follow steps for writing product descriptions to grow sales.

Step 1: Focus on your audience

The first and foremost step in product-related content creation is knowing your ideal buyers and identifying a language style suitable for them. Understand the buyer persona and try to communicate with them directly. You need to take into account the gender profile, lifestyle, and other demographic details.

Writing product description according to your target audience

Step 2: Define your language and tone

Decide the voice that you want to use while speaking with your customers or potential customers. Refining the language, yet bringing a natural tone will help people to instantly connect with your brand.

Step 3: Focus on benefits of your products

When writing the features of your product, offering solutions that can easily address the customers’ needs will catch the customers’ attention instantly. The feeling that the product will improve their lives in measurable ways, will convince the customer to purchase the product.

Step 4: Make it scannable

The Product descriptions should be structured in such a way that it is easier to read while being effective. Crisp and scannable website content is proven to be appealing to potential buyers according to many research studies. Make sure that your product description has the following:

  • catchy headlines
  • scannable bullet points
  • enough white space
  • optimal font size for the ease of reading

Step 5: Tell your story

Start with a story if you have one, related to your product to make an instant connection with your customer. Open up as if they are right there in front of you and engage the customers so that they purchase your product wholeheartedly.

Step 6: Use Good Images

Undoubtedly, product photos play a significant role in online shopping by helping the customer to imagine how the product looks in real life. Therefore, perfect images of your products depicting the key features form an important part of creating winning product descriptions.

Step 7: Optimize for Search Engines

Finally, complete the final edit of your product descriptions and optimize your content with keywords that customers use to find the similar products that you order. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps to attract new leads and increase traffic which eventually leads to high conversion rates.

Step 8: Split test the descriptions

Additionally, it is always a good practice to try A/B testing for the product descriptions. You can have two sets of product-related content and test to find out which one attracts more conversions. Test different formats, lengths, words, and more, to optimize your product page.

Final words

Understand your audience, convince them by writing a winning product description and add cool images to light up customer’s fantasy, the deal is done!

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