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Isn’t it amazing that WordPress now owers 42.5 percent of all websites on the internet? It’s a staggering amount that keeps rising year after year with no sign of slowing down. Since WordPress is such a big player in the field of CMS (Content Management Systems), it is natural that the number of WordPress websites […]
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Personalization of your Shopify store, or showing personalized offers, recommendations, and information to online buyers, is becoming more popular among retailers. Customers’ order history, browsing behavior, physical region, demographic trends, language, and other personal info are all gathered and studied by businesses. You can build individual, engaging, and contextual encounters with your customers by trying […]
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It’s time to create a WooCommerce product page that looks best for your store if you are trying to generate more sales from your WooCommerce store. When you create woocommerce pages, customizing the WooCommerce product page will help your product page look at its best and be more convincing. Creating attractive and persuasive WooCommerce product […]