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Why Is Marketing Important For Your Shopify Mobile App?

As the owner of an online store in today’s environment, you should carefully develop a marketing strategy that will not only raise the ranking of your mobile app but also entice users to download and use it frequently.

One of the key elements that have fueled the popularity of mobile app marketing is the extraordinary rate of mobile usage. Nowadays, online buyers want everything at their fingertips, including groceries and clothing purchases.

According to statistics, mobile apps account for half of all Web traffic worldwide. What’s more intriguing is that by the end of 2025, mobile traffic will have increased by an additional 25%, according to the Ericsson Mobility Report. Mobile app marketing has never been this important.

Reaching out to smartphone users and spreading awareness of your mobile app and brand is the main goal of getting involved in the mobile app marketing space. There’s a good chance customer won’t see your eCommerce store’s mobile app or even find it in the app store because there are so many new mobile apps coming out on the market.

Assume you were successful in getting smartphone users to see your mobile app. You want your Shopify mobile app users to use it, perhaps review it, and give it positive reviews after they successfully download it.

Even after the app has been released, marketing for mobile apps is still important, although the approach varies. For this, while the app is still in the early phases of development, a well-planned marketing strategy must be carried out.

To put it briefly, mobile app marketing is essential if you want to stand out among the vast number of Shopify eCommerce shop mobile applications, get clients to utilize it immediately and build a more devoted customer base.

To further understand the value of mobile app marketing for your eCommerce firm, let’s look at some of its advantages.

What Are The Benefits of Mobile App Marketing?

Mobile marketing has several benefits, regardless of the type of eCommerce business you run. It gives you access to new markets and makes it possible for you to quickly and affordably approach potential clients.

Being more immediate and reachable

The greatest approach to succeed in mobile marketing requires accessibility. You can communicate with your audience at any time and from anywhere. Additionally, mobile marketing is the quickest approach to getting in touch with your clients and delivering your message right away.

Your message won’t reach your customers on desktops for several hours. They don’t spend hours at their workstations waiting for your messages. They do, however, always have their smartphones with them. Mobile marketing is therefore much more effective if you want to rapidly reach your target.

You are there for your customers using push alerts, SMS, and email marketing tools, both for their benefit and your own.

With push notifications, SMS, and email marketing tools, you are available to your clients for their benefit as well as your own.

Enabling you to segment and reach a global audience

Currently, smartphones are used by billions of people worldwide. Therefore, mobile marketing is the way to go if your goal is to reach a global audience.

Additionally, you have complete control over who you wish to reach. As an eCommerce business owner, you should have some preferences regarding your audience’s age, gender, geography, and other characteristics.

Additionally, advertising platforms are becoming more expensive & sophisticated every day.

You can start broadly if you don’t know who your target market is then narrow it down later. Once you’ve decided who it is, concentrate on that group. But keep testing and refining your mobile marketing strategies constantly.

Your efforts in mobile app marketing will make it much simpler for you to identify, segment, and connect with your target market.

Possibility of localized mobile marketing

Can you picture being able to target clients according to where they are? Yes, mobile app marketing is feasible, and that’s a significant advantage for any firm in the current eCommerce landscape.

People carry their smartphones everywhere, as was already noted. You can benefit from a cell phone’s ability to geotarget.

Which will enable you to deliver push notifications with location-specific content like alerts, deals, or other promotions that are more pertinent to the user in that region.

By doing so, you will essentially be able to boost your conversion rate while also boosting retention and loyalty. Because clients will receive individualized notifications and feel valued!

Potential for Going Viral

The ease with which mobile content may be shared is one of its best features. It has enormous viral potential.

A customer is likely to recommend a good piece of content to friends and family when they come across it. That not only gives you a tonne of free exposure, but it also has the potential to make your marketing effort go viral.

As a result, you may boost your brand’s visibility and image while also attracting more potential clients to your online business!

Reduced marketing ad spending

Consider the costs associated with your advertising on various platforms. As the competition has grown significantly, it is becoming more expensive every day!

Consider the benefit of having your own marketing channel after that. Here is your very own marketing channel: the Shopify mobile app!

You may get in touch with your consumers directly with a range of configurable push notifications, allowing you to stay in touch with them and boost sales!

Increase your brand’s reputation, mobile conversion rate, and customer engagement in mobile apps while attracting your customers back to the app and lowering abandoned cart rates with push notifications.

An increase in downloads

Do you know that every day, about 2,000 mobile applications are submitted to the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store? And they believe that they will be noticed right away?

However, regrettably, less than 70% of those apps will ever receive more than 5,000 downloads. You shouldn’t anticipate that your mobile app would instantly receive thousands of downloads; instead, it is possible that it will languish in the app stores for all time without the proper mobile marketing approach.

However, if you have the correct mobile app strategy in place, such as prioritising ASO, app localization, mobile marketing campaign strategy, social media, email marketing, etc., you will probably come out on top in this mobile-centric eCommerce environment.

Get the User Activated

After downloading the mobile apps, many users delete them. Since losing the client acquisition cost entails frustration for the business, this predicament.

It is crucial to put measures in place that encourage people to use the mobile app in order to avoid that predicament. For instance, a welcome message acts as encouragement and has a favorable effect on that.

If the welcome message contains a coupon that is about to expire, it is very probable that new customers will redeem it right away and conduct their first mobile app purchase. You may engage them, prevent the possibility that they will uninstall the software after downloading and activate your users this way.

Increasing Customer Engagement, Loyalty, and Retention

Did you know that repeat customers account for 80% of an eCommerce store’s revenue? You can see that your firm is also affected if you measure the consumer data.

Since they buy from you more often and spend more money than guest shoppers, it is obvious that maintaining customer loyalty and retention is one of the most important aspects of your Shopify business.

Additionally, Fortunly claims that when a business increases brand loyalty by 7%, the customer lifetime value of each client can grow by 85%. By fostering more user loyalty to the mobile app, you have a fantastic opportunity to boost your revenue.

A. Push Notifications: For no cost, you may send push notifications to clients’ phones to provide messages, promotions, and product updates, among other things. Users can be reached even when they aren’t using your app, and you can advertise your products to them to entice them back. You can improve retention, engagement, and loyalty in this way.

B. Deep Links: By utilizing deep links on social media and other platforms, you can encourage app users to return to your app. Some consumers may still have your mobile app installed on their phones but no longer use it. The use of deep links can help people remember your company. They may click on a promotion they see on Instagram to be taken to the app.

C. App-Only Discounts: Offering discounts to customers is a great method to boost app downloads and retain existing users. With this incentive, many customers may download your app and begin making purchases from you. Or some consumers might download your software once more to take advantage of these offers. So you can enhance your sales with deals available only through the app and promote loyalty and engagement!

D. In-app Message: You may gain your client’s trust by giving them constant access to real people rather than a chat robot. Additionally, you may customize their experience for them, give them a feeling of exclusivity, and boost engagement and mobile app retention!

E. Loyalty Programs: As Appmaker is integrated with the best loyalty programs these issues can be easily solved. With the help of these programs, you can thank your consumers for their consistent business and give them a reason to keep making purchases from your Shopify store. These benefits could take the form of points, savings, promotions, etc. You can boost their loyalty and keep them by doing this.

Wrapping up

Creating a mobile app with Appmaker guarantees the greatest user experience, quick checkout, simple in-app chat with the support staff, and helpful push notifications for clients. Customers typically choose brands that have a mobile app because it makes their buying experience so much easier for them.

You can employ mobile app marketing strategies after developing a mobile app, which has a number of advantages, such as lowering marketing ad costs, boosting client loyalty and engagement, enhancing brand recognition, and many more as we’ve already discussed.

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