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8 eCommerce Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Online

There are many eCommerce mistakes to avoid while carrying out online business. Read on to know more on how to avoid them.

Are you running a business online? Are you new to an eCommerce website or are you wondering why your business isn’t reaching your target at a faster phase? Have you ever thought you could be making drastic errors in your e-commerce website?

There are multiple errors made in e-commerce websites which are quite common. If you avoid these mistakes you can easily slide to the peak of your business.

Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Online

These are the list of things that you need to look into:

1. Platform used

If your business is established an eCommerce website will help you to boost your sales as you are already known in the market. If you are new to the market it is always going for a budgeted eCommerce site and upgrade the same once you have achieved the trust of your customers.

2. Web Design

Your website should always be attractive and interactive. The lack of the two will end you up with fewer customers with bad sales and revenue loss.

3. How your image, text, and video appeal

Visual effects of products are the most important in eCommerce sales. The image and video on your website should be clear and well-explained. If your product is complicated all the aspects of your product should be shown like how the customer would like to see it in a shop. The text should be clear and well-explained.

4. Navigation

The goal of your website should be to help customers see maximum products at ease, without wasting their time. Keep your products well categorized in sections with proper naming of products. A site that is easy to navigate and find products can bring you high revenue. No customer would prefer to spend a lot of time navigating and searching for the required product.

5. Technical issues

Technical glitches should be avoided on your eCommerce website. However, good your products are arranged, if frequent technical errors occur you tend to lose your customer. You can avoid this by optimizing your site’s speed and also make sure it is mobile optimized.

6. Security

Private data security is a very important aspect when it comes to an eCommerce website. Make sure that your eCommerce site is highly secured and no information about your customer is leaked out.

7. Service information

Missing clarity on the service information is one of the major eCommerce mistakes to avoid while conducting online business. Your company service detail for each product must be mentioned in detail. Every customer prefers a reliable e-commerce site that provide service and after-sale service and makes sure you keep up your word. This will help you to bring back your customers.

8. Payment Options

Always give multiple payment options on your site. The majority of the customers prefer a cash-on-delivery or credit option until trust is built on your site. Giving multiple options will help you to attract more customers and build a sense of security in them. You would not want to lose your targeted customer just because you don’t have enough options for payment.

9. Delivery Options

Every customer is different and each of them will have a preference. Always try to have various delivery options. If your customer needs an early delivery make sure you have an option for the same. This will attract your customer every time they need their products on time. This will be an added star for your business. Read more here.

10. SEO Friendly

If your eCommerce site is not SEO friendly, it will have a reverse effect on your business even if all the other points are met. If your customer needs to select your website among your competitors your website should be SEO friendly so that your site catches the eye of your customer.


It is always possible to bypass these common pitfalls if you plan well ahead and put checks and controls in place. Therefore, by being aware of the most common mistakes in eCommerce businesses, you can evade unforeseen costs and time-sucks in your game.

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