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All You Need to Know About eCommerce Packaging

ECommerce packaging is used synonymously with brand identity these days. Remarkably, a brand’s packaging and presentation influence the perception and create a long-lasting first impression. The curiosity of opening the package and a great unboxing experience will definitely attract the customer back to your store.

In this article, let’s discuss eCommerce packaging solutions to help you come up with the right packaging ideas for your store.

Importance of eCommerce packaging

A study on eCommerce revealed that about 38% of the people who buy premium products like to showcase the package on social media and share their unboxing experience. This emphasizes the importance of building brand awareness.

There are more points to this too:

Brand value

A cleverly formed eCommerce packaging solutions can be a tool to improve customer experience on a large scale. If the customer is happy with the packaging, he or she would come back to the store for sure. On the contrary, poor packing would deter them from buying the same brand again.

So, building your brand reputation highly depends on how far your packing impresses the customer. In most of the cases, a satisfied customer will eventually be an advocate for your brand.

Durability and safety

The safety of the product remains the responsibility of the store owner until the moment it reaches the customer. It is important to maintain quality packaging unless you want packaging tampering or worse, product damage, which in turn will affect the customer experience.


Packaging solutions with branding elements can be an effective marketing strategy especially in this era of social marketing. #Unboxing has crossed over a million on Instagram. Hence, a top-notch packaging speaks for your brand and encourages sharing your products on social media sites.

Considerations before packaging

Carefully considering the below mentioned factors will help you reduce the adverse influence on the cost, effort and the quality of your finished product.


While considering the packaging, be specific about the parameters and measurements of your product including the weight. Carrying the weight till the product reaches the end-user is one of the basic functions of packaging.

Size and shape

Deciding the packaging solutions for all the products may include customizing for some of the products which may have unique size and shape. Hence, it is crucial to consider the size and shape of the products in your store.


The type of packaging varies according to the nature of the products. Fragile products and sturdy products demand different types of packaging.


The value of the product determines the level of protection is given while deciding the packaging for each content.

Types of eCommerce packaging material

There are two main options before you when it comes to the types.

eCommerce packaging types

Internal Packaging

Internal packaging means cushioning the items. This consists of bubble wrap, airbags, cardboard, and foam pellets. The main purpose of internal packaging here is void filling, protection and shock absorption. This reduces product damage while shipping.

External Packaging

External Packaging comprises parcels and flyers. Corrugated boxes, Double or triple walled boxes are used for heavy items such as electronic appliances. Fragile items like glass bottles, also fall under the category which needs external packaging. A flyer bag accommodates up to 4kg and is suitable for packing mall items like boxes, cosmetics, etc.


So, you must choose your packaging wisely so that it adds value to the other visual elements that make your online store welcoming for all types of customers.

Being the most defining element for winning the customers, eCommerce packaging solutions need to be perfectly picked by bringing in the right mix of the strategies and innovative ways to gain loyal customers.

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