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Increase app business using Firebase A/B testing

You may imagine how giant businesses gain such momentum and become huge successes. Well, one thing they continuously perform is experimentation. Experiments to see which formula works better. Continuous testing to understand the behaviour of their users. And procedures to analyze their actions and user responses. 

One solution is to continuously change the look of your home page without affecting the user experience. Speaking of which, why don’t you check out Appmaker’s dashboard to customize your home page. Create changes with real-time impact and impress your users with the best app design and products.

Likewise, the other solution is A/B testing. This blog will give you an idea of what an A/B testing is, how it works and what is its use.

Know more about Firebase A/B Testing

Illustrated image showing Firebase A/B testing
Learn how to experiment with A/B testing using Google Firebase

Firebase A/B testing is the process of making a set of variations for different sets of audiences. From the response of the audience, you can figure out which version is more workable and implement it accordingly. After all, your users are your greatest critics!

All said and done, let’s see how A/B testing really works –

A/B testing in Firebase gives an added advantage of implementing your experiment in two ways –

  1. Remote Config
  2. Push Notification

Remote Config

Screenshot of Google Firebase A/B testing
Create an experiment using Firebase A/B testing

In your Firebase Console, click on A/B testing in the Grow tab. Click on ‘Create Experiment’ thereafter.

Image showing the various ways you can use to perform A/B testing
Choose any one option

You’ll see two options for your experiment. For example, let’s look at how Remote Config works. For Notifications, stay tuned for our next blog coming soon!

Create a Remote Config experiment

By clicking on Remote Config, you can create different UI interfaces for your users’ experimenting variations and analyzing which one gets more response. You can have complete control over your experiment by deciding the cohort of audience and scheduling a time to be shown to your users.

Image showing a remote config experiment
Create a Remote Config experiment

In step 1, write basic information about what your experiment is about. Reason? It will be easier for you to find your experiment and analyze it among the umpteen other experiments that you may create later on. Click Next.

Image showing how to create a target audience
Target your audience

Step 2 asks you about your target audience. You can specify the app (Android or iOS or both) and any other filters that you feel are important aspects for your target audience.

Image showing how to set goals
Set your goals

Step 3 requires you to define the goal of your experiment.

In the final step, you need to define the variants. You can either choose a pre-existing parameter or create a new one. Mark a value if needed or just leave it to ‘no change’.

Once you are sure about your parameters and how it is that you want to experiment with your users, click on ‘Update’. Click on ‘Start experiment’ as below to begin your experimentation. Click on ‘Edit’ if you need to make any changes.

Image showing how to start the experiment
Start your experiment!

Users’ sometimes behave in unexpected ways and A/B testing is a very effective way to realize and observe that. A/B testing helps you understand which is the best outcome and what your users are more attracted to increase the overall inclination towards your app.

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