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Tips to Improve Customer Loyalty with A Shopify Mobile App

Your Shopify store is most likely receiving some traffic. How, on the other hand, do you keep them coming back? How can you make customers become so dedicated to your brand that they start telling their friends and family about it? This is where increasing your Shopify store’s brand loyalty comes in.

Why brand loyalty is Important

Customers who buy from you again spend more money and it costs you less to keep them. Therefore, in order to keep your consumers, you must plan ahead of time.

Small and large organisations with Shopify brands have quickly realised the value of customer loyalty. It significantly rises:

  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Brand Recognition & Awareness
  • A customer’s lifetime value 
  • Sales & Revenue

Shopify loyalty program

Customer loyalty will result in repeat business and great word-of-mouth advertising. A loyal consumer will also help you grow your market share by making free referrals to their friends, family, and co-workers. Long-term commercial success can only be achieved when more consumers accept you and your brand, which can only be accomplished by retaining consumers as well as using their records as a reference to your superiority.

Provide prompt client service

Customer service is critical which can have a significant impact on your company’s bottom line. It enables you to communicate successfully with consumers and deliver the appropriate level of support. The importance of customer service extends beyond the mere fact that it increases revenue. The real prize is a customer base that believes in you and sticks to your brand. Furthermore, a customer service department is just as important as any other team within a firm. Establishing a support team or live chat tool for your business app will assist you in improving your brand and services according to the needs of your customers.

Programs to Keep Customers

Customer satisfaction programmes, also known as customer loyalty programmes, are compensation programmes devised by brands and businesses to encourage customers to stay loyal. Customers are encouraged to buy more as a result of these campaigns, and they are rewarded for doing so. As a result, 84% of customers say they are more likely to stick with a company that provides a loyalty programme. Points, tiers, social media, and sponsored programmes are the four main types of loyalty programmes.

The following are some of the advantages of a customer loyalty programme:

  • Customer retention is improved.
  • Customer lifetime value is increased.
  • Increase income 
  • Distinguishes a brand from its competition.
  • Encourage word-of-mouth advertising.
  • Customer appreciation is elicited, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

Coupon codes

Competitive pricing is a crucial aspect of customer loyalty. Customers that believe they will get the best discounts at your store will come time and time again. Send out promo codes to your customers to reinforce the concept that your store offers the best discounts and sales.

Social media

When it comes to acquiring repeat consumers, social media is one of your best and most adaptable tools. Use a strong social media presence to strengthen your consumer relationships and keep them coming back.

Being immediately available to handle any and all issues is a good social media technique. Your media platforms team should be able to reply rapidly to everything from complaints to enquiries. Your team should also develop the appropriate level of customer interaction. Establishing a feeling of community between your brand and your customers is a great approach to keep them engaged all the way up to your store.

Focus on customers

Use social media listening tools to keep an eye on your customers and get information from them. Simply focusing on your consumers can help you come up with useful app feature ideas. To plan your retention strategy, keep track of all social media activity, comments, and reviews linked to your organisation, services, and goods on a regular basis.+

Personalized communication

Besides from email automation, there are a number of additional places where you may add a personal touch. Chatbots, welcome pages, shopping carts, and wish lists are all just a few of the places where a personalised greeting or message can be automated. An excellent marketing tactic is to recreate the one-on-one experience of shopping in-store.

Facilitate ease of use with seamless navigation

Your Shopify mobile app serves as a virtual storefront for your company. Customers would like to have quick access to products and their prices, menus, different collections, and other information.

Customers will appreciate how easy it is to navigate and make payments using your mobile app. Customers like this will tell their friends, family, and co-workers about your mobile app. Naturally, more users will download your app, resulting in increased brand awareness, incredible sales, and outstanding customer loyalty.

Shopify loyalty apps

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Learn about Shopify app store personalization here.

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