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How to Prepare your Customer Service Team for BIG Sale Days

What do you believe to be the greatest difficulty faced by firms during a significant sale event?
Managing the influx of questions from customers? Definitely!
A time of such high volume will see a sharp increase in the number of orders placed. And as a result, there is a sharp increase in the volume of client communications on orders and products.
Once the event begins, your customer care personnel will be depleted, worn out, and overburdened in a couple of hours.
Unless they have obviously been prepared beforehand.

And that’s where this post can help you, as we offer 6 helpful suggestions to outfit your customer support team with all the tools and knowledge they need to handle any huge sale event more effectively and efficiently.

Create a standardized procedure

If a process is in place, critical circumstances of any size can be addressed successfully. As a business owner, you may already have a fantastic customer service plans in place or even created some straightforward rules to handle customer inquiries throughout your regular business hours. Major sales occasions don’t occur on typical days.

You must implement an entirely new procedure that centers on “volume.” Your established customer service procedure should assist the team in:

  • Always keep a step ahead of the customers and up to date customer service
  • Assist them in organizing their questions so that, at the end of the day, everyone is satisfied.

Having a script for every contact in such a process is now essential. Identify the most often requested questions by going back and looking at previous encounters, then design an interactive script to answer all of the recurring questions.

Create and develop your team

During the sale event, even if you have a strong customer care rules, it might not be enough. Because handling the enormous stream of consumer inquiries requires all the aid you can get.

Thankfully, employing and supporting such a large workforce doesn’t need hundreds of hours of labor or thousands of dollars. All you need to do is add some qualified individuals to your existing workforce on a contract basis.

The secret is to employ professionals that can comprehend your products fast and relate to clients with ease. Once you’ve located such individuals, you should add to their knowledge by giving them brief training on your products, target market, and potential problems. Additionally, be sure to make clear to them your current customer service policies, including your brand voice and objective.

Make it simple for the clients

Let’s face it: most clients who contact your customer support staff during a significant sale are dissatisfied (to varying degrees, of course) because they have little knowledge about the product, the offers, or the order they have just placed. Allowing customers to embark on a tiresome and never-ending trip in order to reach your customer support team is the simplest method to make them even more irritated.

Make sure you are very accessible, especially during the sale period, to prevent adding gasoline to the fire. Open several channels and participate in each one. During a significant selling event, you must be present on a number of customer support channels, including:

  • Phone assistance
  • Email assistance
  • public forums
  • using social media

Clearly state your return policy

Every retailer dreads the word “returns” if there is one thing. Product returns after all result in monetary losses and unneeded logistical annoyances. However, it is inevitable in the eCommerce environment, especially when there is a significant sale and many customers are making large purchases.

Did you know that during the holiday sale in 2020, products worth $100 billion were returned?

Although you cannot avoid it, there are a few methods you can manage it:

  • Start by having a return policy that is unambiguous, transparent, and straightforward.
  • In order to prevent your customer care personnel from being stranded during a return request, consider every conceivable return situation.
  • Have a page on your website or app specifically for return policies. Make it visible on the page with the product details.
  • Make sure your customer support personnel is familiar with every last nuance of this return policy so they won’t need to consult it each time a request comes in.

Set up a FAQ page

This is arguably the most straightforward but underutilized aspect of customer service. You must have a specific page on your website or app that collects all the frequently asked questions regarding the orders and products. To ensure that your consumers leave with a solution, make sure you address all potential questions and provide a comprehensive response.

There are two benefits to this:

  • Your customer care staff can concentrate on more difficult inquiries.
  • Your clients will receive prompt responses to their inquiries.

If you already have a FAQ page, go over the questions again and update the responses with the most recent knowledge. In the end, this section’s objective is to lower the volume of calls and messages received by your customer care staff, even if it is by a small margin.

Chatbots for initial screening

Not all inquiries must be directed to your customer care department. Some of them can be answered by simply reading the FAQs. But be honest; some of you might not feel at ease looking through a vast database of queries and responses in search of answers. The easiest approach for these people to get important information is through live chat help.

Intelligent chatbots that can be linked to your website or your Shopify store mobile app make this possible. These chatbots are driven by AI and ML algorithms that “learn” from product information, order details, and past customer queries to provide instantaneous, pertinent, and personalized answers to the majority of consumer queries.

Your¬†main¬†goal¬†as¬†a¬†store¬†owner¬†should¬†be¬†to¬†provide¬†all¬†of¬†your¬†consumers¬†with¬†a¬†flawless¬†shopping¬†experience¬†throughout¬†any¬†sale¬†event.¬†But¬†you¬†can’t¬†do¬†that¬†unless¬†you¬†remove¬†every¬†obstacle¬†that¬†might¬†come¬†up¬†for¬†your¬†clients¬†along¬†the¬†way.¬†Utilize¬†the¬†advice¬†in¬†this¬†piece¬†to equip¬†your¬†customer¬†care¬†team¬†with¬†the¬†tools¬†they¬†need¬†to¬†overcome¬†these¬†obstacles.

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