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Appmaker Integration with Gumstack- Video Shopping from your store

When marketers use live video calling to market and sell their goods and services, this is known as “video shopping.” eCommerce vendors can showcase their products and provide customers with more information to aid in decision-making by using video shopping. As a result of not having to do anything else but click the link to go to the product page on the retailer’s website or, depending on your video shopping platform, shop directly from the video, adding shoppable functionality to these images increases the likelihood that customers will make a purchase. From browsing to buying, the experience of video shopping is smooth.

What is an on-demand video calling platform?

Brands may leverage video technology in a number of ways to offer a personalized and practical video purchasing experience.

The most interesting online shops, for instance, will provide a live video shopping experience right from their home page.

This kind of on-demand video engagement, often known as video chat, can only be done with video shopping systems like Talkative, which allow for direct website embeds.
This implies that no third-party video conferencing software, plugins, or downloads are necessary to establish a connection between the client and the adviser.‍

Instead, the client can have an immediate video chat with an advisor, improving the client experience. ‍However, there are also other video shopping solutions for bringing together customers and merchants; they just have some restrictions.

These consist of:

  • Livestream shopping events: Shopping events that are streamed live allow a virtual salesperson or influencer to make sales to a large number of customers at once.
  • Asynchronous video chat: Short video captions are exchanged back and forth between the customer and the contact agent in an asynchronous video chat. This is a typical strategy that some retail video chat options employ.
  • Video marketing: Short video snippets are posted by brands on social media platforms or their shopping app to increase client engagement.

‍Benefits of Video Calling

More and more merchants are using video calling to create their online marketing plans. This is due to the advantages that video shopping has to offer.

  • Video offers a great deal of information fast and in a format that is simple to watch. That’s presumably why 66% of consumers would rather watch a brief video than read an article to learn more about a product or service (HubSpot).
  • More people click through to videos. Video content in emails, according to Spiceworks, can boost CTR by up to 300%.
  • Producing video is surprisingly simple. Many influencers are skilled at producing top-notch video content with only their smartphones and basic video editing software. There are various ways to achieve the video production you require without spending your entire marketing budget if you do need something a little more sophisticated.
  • Simply putting a video on your website can lengthen visitors’ time spent there, regardless of how long the video is (a ranking signal that will help your site rank higher). In fact, according to 80% of marketers surveyed by Wyzowl, video content lengthened stay time.
  • The likelihood of a purchase improves with video. Including video on your landing page can boost conversion rates by 80%, as we’ve already mentioned.
  • The gods of search engines love video. Landing pages with videos are 53% more likely to appear among the top search results, claims MarketingSherpa.

The Next Step in Brand-Influencer Relationships – Video Shopping

The next natural step in brand-influencer partnerships is live and video shopping. Influencers have more freedom and may express their true selves freely with this kind of content, which is what their fans adore about them in the first place. Finding the proper kind of influencer to represent their brand will be even more crucial as video shopping gains popularity, and the best influencers will be able to negotiate larger influencer payments. This is advantageous for both businesses and influencers due to the ROI potential of live and video shopping.

Appmaker Integration with Gumstack

With Appmaker’s integration with Gumstack, integrate video calling into your website or app in less than 5 minutes,. Use video to showcase your goods, help customers make purchases, or hasten problem resolution. It also enables your customers to call you whenever they need you. Connect them instantly to an agent without taking them away from your Shopify store mobile app with Appmaker.

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