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11 Reasons to build an eCommerce App for online Store

eCommerce mobile apps are getting much attention in today’s business vogues. The reason for this is the emergence of smartphone devices and how much they ease up things for humans. And major credits go to apps, which adds to the time that people spend on Apps. Well, if you are wondering whether or not to get your business on mobile, this article is for you. Look out for the reasons and steps in eCommerce app development.

Mobile eCommerce App development

 In 2019, the growth of global eCommerce had reached around $2.78 trillion. And by 2021 this global reach of eCommerce is presumed to hit $4.5 trillion. eCommerce has become the universal bright spot for all retailers.

There is significant growth in the usage of eCommerce stores worldwide. It has proven that eCommerce is the future of trading.Β For an eCommerce business to be successful there are some factors that should be met. Read on if you don’t want to miss them for your business.

An inevitable factor in the eCommerce business is Consumer experience. This is why an app for an eCommerce business is unavoidable. What an app delivers, boosts the customer experience with your store. As they are simple and always accessible when compared to a website.

 If you are an eCommerce store owner then it is the peak time to convert a website to a mobile app. Need reasons?

Some figures and Statistics on eCommerce app development

In India, Internet penetration in the year 2007 was 4% and within 10 years it has increased to 24.23%. According to Statista,  India will have  635.8 million internet users by 2021. The same studies state that by 2030 half the world’s population will be online.

Mhmm, that is quite a good figure!

While taking internet users into account, the records say that mobile internet users will hit 80% out of the whole internet users worldwide. Users prefer smartphones over the desktop and the reasons are immense. The number of smartphone users will be near 2.87 billion by 2020 according to Statista research. 

eCommerce app development for WordPress WooCommerce

Wondering about what mobile users spend time while using mobile devices?. Above all, the studies say that 90% of mobile users spend time on apps.

It is estimated that Commercial sites are the most among the browsed websites. Gradually, mobile apps are taking over all these websites. It’s not that the mobile app is a website replacement. They both co-exist and it’s time for eCommerce app development. If you want your business to be taken to the next level, you cannot avoid the fact that mobile applications exhibit a lot of advantages. And it has the ability to attract more users into your business.

As said, what a mobile application does to enhance customer experience is inevitable. Let me list out some of the core advantages of mobile applications over websites that increase the customer experience.

Benefits of eCommerce App Development

Here are some valid reasons that tell you why you need to start building an eCommerce mobile app.

#1. Yes, Speed matters

Mobile app increases app quality

Consumers tend to switch among websites while browsing. The main reason for this is the websites are slow since the datum has to be retrieved from the servers. 

Mobile applications cache the data to avoid speed issues.

#2. User-centric personalization

Mobile applications let users set their preferences based on the interest, location, recent activity, and even culture personalization can be done. This incredibly increases the user experience.

#3. Push notifications

Notify the users about new offers, upgrades, products using push notifications which is the most effective way to communicate with your consumer, making shoppers spend more time within the app.

#4. Bonus features

There are several features of a mobile phone or tablet that can be utilized by the application. Features such as GPS, camera, microphone, accelerometer, contacts, etc, can be effectively used for excellent customer experience.

#5. Your app, your design

Customizable theme provided by WordPress WooCommerce app builder

Designing your application independent of browser or the native device is an added advantage over websites. Advanced gestures such as tap, drag, hold, swipe, pitch and lot more can be made into use. These features help you to promote your sales in a very massive amount.

Yes, the layout and even the colors of your application are up to you. Moreover, you could easily switch to new looks by just updating them

#6. Branding becomes better

Mobile applications play a key role in attaining brand recognition for your business. This might sound silly but it actually works, that is every time the users open their mobile phones your application icon is been seen while the user is searching for applications.

The users encounter the application which is there on their device and this is a branding opportunity for your business.

#7. Increased conversion rate

eCommerce app conversation rates are three times higher compared to websites. The reasons include high-quality UX and even simple navigation. Therefore, the probability for a user to buy a product is higher while using a mobile application rather than a website.

#8. Lowest cart abandonment

Reduce cart abandonment using WooCommerce mobile app

Researches have made it clear that about 69.23% of online shopping done on desktop sites is incomplete and, this rate is even more on mobile sites. A significant reduction in cart abandonment can be achieved in mobile applications due to the simpler checkout, payment, and shipping process.

#9. Better SEO

In addition to your eCommerce website, an app could improvise the SEO rate. This is done by app indexing which results in doubling the SEO ranking. Both Apple and Google provide app indexing

#10. Shoppers love apps

The estimated time that smartphone users spend on browsing is around 10%, including the time spent on eCommerce websites whereas the same users spend an extra 10% of the time in eCommerce applications.

Users make frequent visits to your eStore through apps, and push notifications play an important role in this. According to Learnwoo, users tend to spend more time and engage themselves in applications rather than mobile or desktop sites.

The steps in building a successful eStore are not easy tasks. Achieving your business goals is always one step ahead if you have a mobile application besides the website. To enhance the customer experience while they visit your eCommerce store, mobile applications play a vital role.

Better Customer  experience implies better business. Converting your WooCommerce to an android app or iOS app always results in productivity and cost reduction.

Bonus Tip: Mobile eCommerce App development partner

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