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Peek through Firebase Analytics StreamView

I’m sure you would find it both cool and necessary to view your app users use your app. Well, Firebase Analytics StreamView is your key to that wonderful experience.

He may just be lying on his bed on the other side of the world and browsing through the app. Firebase Analytics StreamView lets you view real-time info such as the location of the person, what device he is using, and which product he is viewing. Don’t worry, nobody is stalking you, it’s just to understand the user behavior and to improve the app user experience.

Firebase Analytics StreamView

StreamView in Firebase analytics gives a real-time reporting of the users using the app. The StreamView shows the live location of users. It also describes where the density of the users is more and in which region.

Image shows real-time streaming using Firebase Streamview
StreamView in Firebase

The above screenshot is of an app in India that shows the number of users in the last 30 minutes. It shows the location of the app being used and the geographical representation of the traffic in your app.

Image showing the number of active users at a particular region
Active users in a particular region

The above screenshot shows the exact number of app users in real-time.

To get detailed information about the users using the app, click on ‘View snapshot’ in the right corner below.

Image showing where to click to get a DebugView
Click on ‘View Snapshot’

The below screenshot is of a random user who is using the app at a given time. You can access details like the device used, the location of the user, app version. You can also view the events that the user clicked till now. It is evident from the below figure that the user is new to the app since the event first_open has been triggered with his click. However, he has also opened the app more than once since the event session_start is triggered. 

This image shows the snapshot of a live user in Firebase Streamview
Snapshot of a live user

The user_engagement event indicates that the user has been browsing around the app and is probably figuring out and familiarizing himself with the app and products. The repeated return to the app (event – session_start) indicates his interest in the apps’ products and that is a good sign.

Firebase StreamView is a great way of getting to know your users on a personal level and understand their behavioral pattern in the app. 

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