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How to Improve Your App Ranking In The Google Play Store

The discoverability of your app and its ranking Google Play Store is critical for the success of your online business as the competition is high in the market.

If you are really somebody who wants to improve your business then it is significant that you understand the numerous techniques of boosting your app’s ranking in the Google play store and increasing the volume of downloads.

App Ranking In The Google Play Store

The following guide helps you to work on some ways to improve your app ranking In The Google Play Store and develop your business.

Comprehensive store listing

According to Google, the store listing elements are vital in determining the discoverability of your app. The presence of the right keywords boosts your chances of ranking higher on the Google Play Store. Conduct proper keyword research using the right search rankings tools to create a better store listing for your app.

A result-oriented and comprehensive store listing includes the following components:

  • Title: this is the first thing that appears when somebody searches for your app. Hence, try to make it uniques at the same time use a keyword if possible
  • Description: you can put in some keywords that will you optimize your description and make it searchable
  • Promo text: promo text can be a quick catchy one-liner describing your app

Select a suitable app name

Your app name is critical when it comes to its discoverability. The name must be something catchy yet should be capable of impressing your potential customers. It will be better if you can include any of the related keywords.

Use quality graphic elements

 Visual appeal is a key influencing factor in your app’s ranking in the Google store. It also draws customers into your online store as it improves customer experience. You should maintain high-quality while using the following graphic elements in your app:

  • App Icon: having a unique app icon with bright colors is always compelling, and inviting
  • Images: make sure that you optimize the images used in your app
  • Screenshots: a screenshot is the user’s window to what they can look forward to in your app. Follow app store guidelines and submit the right screenshots in the recommended dimensions


It is ideal to translate your app’s title, description, and screenshots into your local languages so that the customer suddenly feels a connection with you. This will improve the app’s user-friendliness and reach. This will boost the visibility of your app and therefore, encourage the customers to install your app.

Boost you app’s traffic with promotion

If you want your app to rank better in the Google play store, you should strive to bring in more traffic to your app. A global presence with an edge over your competitors and a wider online presence is essential for driving more traffic. For this, you need to your social media presence through content marketing, advertising, and other media channels.

App ratings and uninstalls

The higher the ratings of your app, the better will be your ranking. For better ratings, your app must be of good quality and should follow the following guidelines to avoid bad ratings:

  • Provide contact details for the customers to reach you for their complaints and queries
  • Establish a customer support system or website
  • Roll-out timely up-gradations to your app
  • Address and resolve the issues and bugs regularly
  • Reach out to the customer after solving their issues. Ask for feedback and a second review

Also, responding to reviews and using the responses as a tool to further improve customer engagement is also effective.

Along with the reviews it is to be noted that Google play store tracks the app uninstallation rates and evaluates the quality of your app.


To summarize, in order to penetrate deeper into the markets, you must optimize your app from end-to-end and formulate new strategies from time to time. Also, identifying your mistakes and finding ways around them is also important to achieve success.

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