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Online Grocery app development for your website

I know telling ‘Groceries are a part of daily life’ doesn’t make sense. But, you’ll be excited to see how these groceries have gone online. The tremendous increase in the number of people installing grocery apps on their phone tells us about the demand for grocery app development.

2018 online grocery sales in the US has amounted to about 17.5 billion U.S dollars. And by 2021 this rate is expected to grow to 30 billion U.S dollars. While this rate is rapidly growing, the possibilities of a mobile grocery app builder need to be explored.

Why grocery app over a website?

The online grocery sales giant Bigbasket and Amazon fresh shows that apps for the grocery stores are always gonna be a hit. BigBasket has more than doubled its sales and has crossed INR 1000 crore.

Grocery delivery app development

Before getting into how a grocery app development can help you increase sales, let’s take a look at what your consumers are expecting when they prefer purchasing online rather than walking into the nearest outlet.

No more crowds and queues
– Easy checkout
– Avoid upselling 
– Home delivery
– Easily compare product prices 

Man relaxing on a shopping trolley

An online business with a website alone can be sluggish. Moreover, An app does better in retaining customers and increase conversion rates.

How grocery app development can benefit your online business?

Groceries are brought by every individual, and at the same time, smartphones have become inevitable. This is a perfect circumstance to transform from your business from E-Commerce to M-Commerce.

Read on to learn about how an app is gonna be advantageous for your business.

Brand strengthening:

People tend to buy products from a well-known store. A word of mouth is spread, which helps in driving new customers to the store. Besides, a mobile app is a reminder about the brand that you have built. Everytime the user opens the mobile app, the icon and name of your store will be seen.
Can branding be more effective than this? I doubt it.
The mobile app offers a pile of methods to increase brand value.
For example, to increase the brand value, Through apps, you can appreciate the shoppers by giving a refer and earn.
Choosing a consistent app design with your website can make the users feel comfortable and people prefer that.

Monitor customer behaviour

Monitoring the user’s behaviour lets you get to know more about their shopping habits.

As soon as we get our customers buying napkins from us, they’re going to start buying everything else too.
Andrew Pole (Data Expert, Target) {From the book, The Power of Habit}

For example, you can learn what time they prefer shopping, the top-selling products. Furthermore, you can know the user’s favourite payment gateways.

With grocery delivery mobile apps, you can find out, in what product and services your customer is exactly interested in. You can monitor all the activities of your users in your app.

For example, a shopper has opened a product, he added it to the shopping cart and he has abandoned it. With the app analytics, you can monitor all these activities step by step. As an action to this, you can send a push notification to that customer,  and offering a special discount can help you retrieve the customer and increase sales.

A grocery app helps you retain customers

Having active users all around the clock for your business is the first advantage of grocery apps. In order to engage the users with the store, you can send push notifications and Emails.

Improve loyalty programs among the user

Customer acquisition is more difficult than retaining one. But an app is a perfect app platform for improvising loyalty programs.

With regular discounts and providing payment with a brand’s loyalty cards, you can attract more customers. In order to increase customer engagement, a majority of the brands take advantages of mobile apps.

If you are looking for a Point of Sale system for your grocery store, you can try Loyverse POS. ?

Grocery app builder – Appmaker

Appmaker is renown app building platform and the best one for grocery app development. Helping online businesses to boost sales and increase brand value.

Let’s look at the example of a grocery app that is built with Appmaker.

Home Page

The apps that are built with Appmaker can hold any number of In-app pages. All the In-app pages that are build here are easily customizable.

Online grocery app development

The In-app page is built with Appmaker’s top widgets. It’s not just a banner and product scroller, Appmaker provides 8 widgets that can be added and managed from the dashboard (Just like a CMS) without any difficulties.

Checkout Appmaker dashboard features.

App screenshot

The Grocery Mode

Grocery mode is a unique feature that is provided by Appmaker. While shopping, a varying quantity of the same products are brought by the users. The users can choose the number of products even without opening the product inside the app. To make this easier, the store owner can add a quantity button in the pages.

Screenshot of product page in a grocery app
The product page in a grocery app

Organized shopping experience

Grocery app helps your customers to shop in an organized fashion. The navigation menu provided by Appmaker lets the store owner showcase all the categories of products, checkouts, shipping, online chat, order tracking and more.

Screenshot showing features available on Navigation menu
Features available on Navigation menu

Shopping cart and WishList

Grocery mobile app development

Add to cart and wishlist for your grocery app in all the In-app pages, and product pages increase the likelihood for the users to buy the product. Appmaker provides a cart page where the users can view their cart before they checkout.

Adding a Wishlist to your Grocery app lets the users save the product for buying it later. A wishlist lets the store owners view the products in which a user is interested. You can send customized push notifications to the users and drive them to buy those products by offering attractive deals and offers.

Screenshot of shopping cart in an app

Multiple vendors

Within a single app, you can sell products from multiple vendors. This is a feature liked by most of the online shoppers. Let the users decide from which vender the groceries have to be bought. Furthermore, you can add this feature to the product filter if required.

Know more about the feature.

Multivendor page on Appmaker grocery app
Multivendor page on Appmaker grocery app

Digital coupons for your grocery store

Deals and offers are always appreciated by shoppers. According to the American psychological association, 50% of Americans prefer buying popular and products that are available with discounts.

A grocery app is a perfect platform for providing discounts and offers to your customers. This doesn’t imply that high discounts should be given. Even with a minimum offer, you can make sure that the customers do not miss a product.

All things considered

A grocery app is essential for the growth of your online business. A grocery app built with Appmaker lets you explore and enjoy all the advanced features which an app should have.

In the usual scenario, grocery app development cost along with managing it can come up to $10,000. Appmaker lets you own and manage your app at a reasonable cost.

Hold on,

Now you can take a look at how your store’s app will look like.

Book a free demo and learn how to manage your app easily from your browser.

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