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How to Market your Shopify Store and Attract New Customers?

If you are wondering how to market your Shopify store, you are on the right track. With almost 1.7 million Shopify stores online, you should consider adopting strategies to promote your Shopify store such as creating an app for your Shopify store in order to stand out in the crowd.

Your Shopify stores marketing strategy should be something that will attract new customers and create repeat buyers. It is essential to pick the techniques that are well-fit for your customer behavior.

How to Market your Shopify Store

Promotion and marketing of your store or its Shopify storefront app is the only answer to getting more traffic and sales. Let’s look at the ways to market your Shopify store and attract customers at the same time.

Showcase Shopify storefront app in social media

Wondering how to promote your Shopify Store? There is no better place to start promoting your Shopify store than social media. With millennials and people of all generations widely using social media, you can land more customers through Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Revise your social media marketing strategy and promote your Shopify store by targeting the right audience. Also, use appropriate analytics tools to comprehend the flow of traffic and customer base.

A Shopify storefront app with social proof is more engaging when your app is contesting against a sea of potentially similar apps already in the market.

How to promote Shopify store

Make the most out of traditional marketing!

Increasing the number of customers and driving more sales can be achieved by promoting more merchandise, improving customer experience, and paid social media marketing.

Optimize your website through content marketing and SEO for your Shopify store in an organic way with social media, podcasts, emails, and blog posts. Keeping your customers engaged by releasing new products is a great way to attract new prospects. Well-planned loyalty Programs help in customer acquisition and retention and serve as an effective strategy in marketing your Shopify store.

Create email marketing to promote your Shopify store

Shopify’s marketing strategies include email marketing that helps eCommerce businesses gain better traction in the online marketplace and engage with prospects robustly. First, measure your business goals, engage with potential customers, and create a series of emails that provide a welcoming impression to your customer. You can send out promotions for existing customers and build a loyalty program that helps you engage with prospects.

Increase average order value to spike revenue

Boosting your Average Order Value (AOV) for the items sold in your Shopify store would spike the revenue. Use the mean, median, and mode techniques to raise the AOV. This would give a significant push to your business and help achieve traction in the long term.

Build your mobile app for your Shopify store

So how to make your Shopify store live?

Building an app for your Shopify store boosts your revenue and helps you easily connect with your target audience. Having an app helps your Shopify store build a brand identity and boosts your marketing efforts with improved customer rapport.

Appmaker, as your Shopify app builder, can actively reduce your cart abandonment. With push notifications, prompt your customers to make purchases with your Shopify store’s mobile app. With a Shopify storefront app, you can attract your customers with customized offers, promotions, and deals, thereby maximizing customer loyalty.

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