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Appmaker Integration With WebEngage: For Increased Conversions

The possibility that consumers may switch brands or shopping habits has increased as a result of the online revolution. In a Google survey, 40% of consumers said they switched brands or looked online for items they had previously purchased in-store. Customer experience is now more important than ever thanks to the expanding market for eCommerce companies and the move to the internet. Exactly in this situation, WebEngage can be useful. You can track and analyze consumer data with the user engagement and retention platform, and increase conversions by marketing over more than 12 interaction channels, such as email, WhatsApp, push notifications, and more, and more.

WebEngage for Retention & Marketing Automation

WebEngage is a customer engagement platform that helps businesses increase customer loyalty and conversions. WebEngage allows you to collect customer feedback, send out surveys, and create targeted marketing campaigns. You can also use WebEngage to segment your customers and create targeted lists.

Why Should You Integrate Your eCommerce app with WebEngage

Track: By integrating WebEngage with your Shopify store, you can track user actions like purchases, cart additions, product views, and more right away. With less time and effort required for integration and onboarding, you can get going quickly. Additionally, you may analyse consumer behaviour, construct dynamic segments, and create funnels and cohorts using these events in order to offer your clients customised communications.

Engage: WebEngage’s 12+ engagement channels enable you to carry out your marketing plan at various moments during the customer lifecycle. Easily organise and manage automated workflows.

Analyze: Perform A/B testing, get in-depth campaign data, and monitor real-time statistics.

Measure: To obtain the highest ROI, measure the revenue contribution and adjust campaigns and channels.

How to Use Your Data to Engage and Retain Customers

Greetings to new clients or buyers

Send a welcome email to users after they join up for your newsletter or become new users to show them how to use your website and direct them to popular products to peruse. The user sign-up for a successful E-Commerce beauty and wellness website is shown in the example below.

Encourage customers to finish their purchase

Remind consumers of the items in their shopping cart and urge them to finish the transaction with a time-limited offer. Make use of personalisation features like product name, price, and more to improve user experience in communication and increase conversions. Here is an illustration of an online store selling apparel.

Offering free shipping will raise the value of your cart

Encourage customers who have items in their cart worth a specific amount but have not yet completed a purchase to do so in order to receive free shipping on their order.

Upselling or cross-selling

Cross-sell tactics can encourage repeat purchases. Personalized recommendations for clients based on their most recent purchase (or any other custom event).

Keep users updated on new product introductions

Alert customers when new collections or goods go up on your website. You can accomplish this by using Relays, a workflow builder for business event-triggered automation. 

Reactivate inactive users

Offers and individualised recommendations based on the product(s) they explored for can be used to nudge inactive or dormant users.

Promotional efforts

To increase purchases, promote repeat purchases and run special offers like Black Friday.

Individualise website usage

On your app, offer customised experiences to your users without interfering with their experience with pop-up notifications. You can customise a portion (or portions) of your website using Web and App customization on WebEngage.

We want to help you engage, keep, and grow your customer base with the Appmaker integration to WebEngage. We offer you a complete integration support to track, analyse, and interact with your customers with engagement channels and an intuitive dashboard.

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