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Appmaker integration with MoEngage to improve customer engagement

Customer engagement is the process that raises close rates while fulfilling contemporary B2B customer expectations, which helps both buyers and suppliers. It keeps clients interested throughout the buying process to foster loyalty and get useful data about them.

How to measure customer engagement

The methods you can use to measure customer engagement levels are listed below. Of course, your definition of engagement may depend on different outcomes depending on your organization and your goals, but these are an excellent place to start.

Average order value (AOV)

The typical amount spent by clients when they make a purchase is known as the average order value. This figure will show you how much, on average, customers spend while making purchases from your website. Compared to one-time or new buyers, repeat customers spend almost seven times as much.

This should ideally imply that the more repeat clients are visiting your website, the higher this indicator is. More client retention is a definite sign that your engagement strategies are succeeding.

Social interactions

The overall number of interactions on social media is a wonderful indicator of how engaged customers are. The number of replies, likes, retweets, comments, and tags will reveal the effectiveness of your social media advertising. Additionally, it will show what kind of content your audience prefers. Your future marketing approach should benefit from this.

Because they are used to gauge the effectiveness of advertising, social media “impressions” are insufficient for measuring engagement. This means that as they scroll by, users are simply passively participating, if at all.

Purchase frequency

How frequently customers make a purchase at your shop or online is referred to as purchase frequency. This can be determined by dividing the total number of orders over the previous 365 days by the total number of distinct clients over the same time period.

Order volume over the past 365 days/number of new clients over the same period

You will gain a better insight of your customer lifecycle as a result. You can gauge how engaged your customers are and where you need to step up your engagement efforts by knowing how long it takes the average consumer to make a subsequent transaction.

Repeat purchase rate

The proportion of clients who have made more than one transaction within a predetermined timeframe is known as your repeat buy rate. This rate can help you determine how well your plan for customer retention and engagement is working.

Simply divide the total number of customers in a given period by the number of customers who have made several purchases in that same period to arrive at this rate.

Pages per session

The number of web pages a consumer views during a single “session” on your website is a wonderful indication of how informative and interesting your material is. The more pages a customer views during a session, the more interested they are in your company and your goods. If your numbers are low, there could be an issue with the organization of your website or the caliber of your material.

By keeping track of this, you can find any problems and resolve them, which will make future planning and client engagement strategy improvement simpler.

Moengage – A customer engagement platform

For the customer-obsessed marketer, MoEngage is an intelligent platform for consumer engagement. Utilizing MoEngage dashboard, you can track consumer activity and interact with them through personalized web, mobile, and email communications. MoEngage is a full-stack solution that combines personalization, AI-powered customer journey orchestration, and robust customer analytics into a single dashboard.

MoEngage is marketed as a customer interaction platform that combines marketing automation and product analytics for engagement that is data-driven.

To make wise choices about their customer engagement and growth plan, MoEngage Analytics assists marketers and product owners in understanding customer behavior, campaign performance, and feature usage.

Appmaker integration with MoEngage

Appmaker is constantly working to expand our eCommerce ecosystem and enhance the customer engagement so that the eCommerce stores with whom it associates are always satisfied and successful. Offering direct value to other app users creates a unique selling proposition for the app among a whole new set of future customers. Integration with MoEngage is another valuable Shopify store platform for improved customer engagement that will make the eCommerce business process easy for both app users and business owners.

Why MoEngage for customer engagement?

More customer contacts increase brand value for consumers and give you customer insights. These consumer insights can help sales operations like message and outreach techniques as well as marketing choices like retargeting and content generation.

Quick growth

You enjoy creating enjoyable experiences because you are a marketing professional who is obsessed with your customers. What’s the harm in giving it more time?
You can measure, iterate, and expand more quickly now rather than having to spend time switching between tools. Powerful cross-channel engagement, automated customer analytics, and AI-driven personalization make up the full stack of MoEngage.

Scale-up personalization

Deeper connections and engagement with your customers are made possible by MoEngage’s AI-driven recommendations and insights, which remove the element of the guesswork from your approach.
You can now customize every contact, whether it is through predictive segmentation, website personalization, or location-based marketing.

Obtain more clients

You may reach up to 40% more clients with MoEngage’s exclusive Push Amplification technology than with any other third-party vendor or in-house developed technologies utilizing Firebase Cloud Messaging. Don’t believe us, see it for yourself instead!
Improve your email marketing efforts and take advantage of industry-leading email delivery rates by using proactive reputation alerts and automated IP warm-ups. In-house email deliverability experts who provide your email strategy with particular guidance and best practices are also available.

Final thoughts

It’s about giving people the freedom to interact with your brand on the platforms they prefer and surprising them with distinctive and individualized experiences. Their affinity for your brand will grow the more often you do this. Increase customer engagement statistics. Customers will remember your brand if you engage them and make their experience better.

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