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Businesses have realized the importance of eCommerce optimization as it directly impacts conversions and sales. For an eCommerce store, speed is money. The site loading time directly impacts conversions and sales. An optimized loading time assures improved SEO, increased ROI, and happier customers for your WooCommerce store.  For these reasons, eCommerce page speed optimization is […]
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Ecommerce is an ever-changing dynamic industry that is driven by dynamic factors such as market trends and customer behavior. Therefore, to keep the business up, getting insights and taking informed decisions are necessary.Β  This demands studying your traffic sources and the pages customers engage more with. Ultimately, understanding what drives conversions on your online store […]
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The global eCommerce trends have been changing from local sales to borderless commerce with the multi-lingual, multi-currency support provided by businesses. The worldwide rise in eCommerce which is expected to reach 21.8% by 2024 opens up a huge opportunity for eCommerce store owners to explore cross-border commerce, borderless business, and international online retail.  Market analysts […]