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Top 5 Benefits of converting your WooCommerce store from website to Mobile App in 2022

Ecommerce websites have greatly impacted consumer browsing and shopping behaviors over the past ten or so years, upending established business models. However, m-commerce, or shopping on mobile devices, is starting to overtake websites as the dominant form of online commerce. Because there are many benefits to turning a WooCommerce website into a mobile app, this trend has gained traction.

Let’s talk about a couple of them:

1. Speed and convenience

Regardless of how user-friendly your website is, a mobile app offers a quicker browsing experience. For websites, a prospective consumer must open a web browser, key in your website address, wait while it loads, and then begin interacting with it. However, mobile apps may instantly attract users and launch with a single press. This is because mobile apps can load up to several times faster than websites because they keep their data and information locally. Additionally, the majority of native apps can provide essential features and content in offline mode. This implies that even if they have a slow or nonexistent internet connection, your consumers can still browse through your online store.

2. Higher level of customer engagement

When compared to a website, using mobile applications for interaction and engagement is significantly simpler. Customers have a far better experience using apps because they offer a variety of dynamic features that facilitate simple sharing, one-click checkout, or one-touch payments. Mobile apps also offer a high level of personalization. Apps can customize content and suggestions by gathering data on user preferences, geography, culture, and hobbies. But there’s more! Mobile apps can leverage the camera, GPS, and accelerometer to assist and give seamless service to their consumers because they have access to various hardware features of the device. Customers can, for example, upload an image to your online store to look up a product, or they can authenticate purchases and orders with a fingerprint scanner.

3. Instant and direct updates

Push notifications to the user’s smartphone are one of the most distinctive characteristics of a native WooCommerce mobile app. Even if a customer doesn’t open the app, this is an excellent approach to raising brand recognition and engagement levels. Push notifications can be used to distribute information about events, sales, offers, and promotions. Push notifications can significantly impact your marketing and promotional activities and help you increase sales because they are a direct and immediate channel of communication with your customers. In-app notifications sent on a regular basis can also be used to direct users and inform them of sales and promotions.

4. Minimal customer acquisition costs

Traditional marketing tactics are likely to be expensive when used to promote an online store because the eCommerce sector is dominated by a small number of giants. However, gaining a consumer utilizing mobile apps is more efficient and less expensive when compared to other channels. Additionally, your marketing and advertising expenditure will eventually decrease if you convert your WooCommerce website to a mobile app because you will be able to contact customers directly and without any obstacles. Additionally, you may use this base of devoted clients to grow your online and social media presence and attract new clients more affordably.


There are various advantages to turning a WooCommerce store into a mobile app for WordPress users who own online enterprises. With just a few clicks, you can create a native mobile app from your WooCommerce website using the Appmaker’s mobile app builder.

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