Author: Sumayya Siddique

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Browsing for top WooCommerce agencies in Canada-2019?. The E-Commerce market is expanding. 37%  of the E-commerce Websites on the internet are powered by WooCommerce. WooCommerce is a free open source E-commerce Plugin for WordPress. The online merchants running their websites in WordPress can enjoy all the features provided by WooCommerce. This doesn’t stop here. Mobile phones […]
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At first glance, it appears that implementing eCommerce discount strategies and tactics won’t be a profitable move. But this is not the case. The only thing is, proper objectives and studies should be conducted before offering any discounts. Even after implementing an offer, It has to be carefully monitored to see whether the intended results […]
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Loyal customers are extremely important for any business. This is because they are capable of contributing to your store revenue more than new customers. According to this study by Bain, customers spent more on apparels from a brand after knowing the brand for 2-3 years. The figure was 67% higher than what they spent on […]