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Using Event App builder for ‘Seeding Kerala- 2019’

An event app helps you save time and energy. Because, Bigger the event gets, harder it becomes to run around to manage it. Indeed, an app helps deliver a personalized experience for event attendees.

With apps, Information is provided in the most convenient way. This helps increase interactions. Additionally, if there is a plan rescheduling you can keep it updated through the event app.

The Kerala startup investor summit has created an event app for managing the event- Seeding Kerala 2019.

Let’s see how seeding Kerala has built the app with appmaker’s custom app builder

Creating the Best Event App with top features

Seeding kerala has created their event app with almost all features provided by appmaker. The app was built easily by just dragging and dropping widgets.

It was easy and quick building our app because it was entirely code-free and simple.- Says the Seed Kerala event manager.

Seeding kerala– App features
Seeding kerala event app

#1 Event Scheduling

The event manager can add the complete program agenda of the event to the app. Categorizing the events helps in smooth navigation.

Navigation bar for conference app

Seeding Kerala event app has created In-app pages for different categories, making it simpler for the app users to discover things. Their home in-app page holds banner widgets and also a text widget for different sessions

Schedule management for event apps


Dashboard provided by appmaker for custom app development
Appmaker’s custom app builder- The dashboard

To make sure the audience does not miss their favorite event, An add to calendar option is given along with each slot. Which notifies the user about the event before it happens.

#2 Flexible app updates

With appmaker’s custom app dashboard the event manager can edit the slots and update it in real time. By doing so, accurate information about the event can be delivered. With appmakers CMS you can make quick edits and share it to the audience

#3 A brief note about the speakers

The conference app built by Seeding Kerala has showcased profiles of all the speaker using profile cards. Profile card is one among the most used widget that are provided by appmaker.

Speaker list created with appmaker's generic app builder

With a profile card widget, you can add a brief note about the speakers with their image.

#4 Live event Gallery

Appmaker’s Custom app builder has live gallery support for custom apps. The event app manager can add or remove limitless images to the gallery. And this can be viewed by the app users in real-time.

Live Gallery for event apps

#5 Live Event News

The custom app builder provided by appmaker support numerous features including Live news. This powerful tool to deliver content keeps the users engaged with the event.

This helps the participants take notes and remember the important points from the event even when it is over.

Live news for custom app

It’s okay, If you don’t have live news to share, you could also share your feeds in your event app.

#6 Add video

Appmaker lets you add videos into your custom app. Make your app content rich by adding limitless videos and images.

vAdding videos for generic app

As you can see , Seed kerala has added an introduction video about the event.

#7 Event Notifications

Appmaker helps you Make your event a memorable one by grabbing attention. You can send customized push notifications with appmaker’s custom app builder.

#8 Keep them in touch

Let’s keep them all connected. Now you can Provide contact information in your app. Letting users stay in touch with you makes your event more meaningfull. You can collect feedbacks, suggestions and handle queries easily by providing your contact information.

Seeding Kerala’s has included multiple contact information in their app. This helped them attend queries regarding the event.

App Theme

custom app theme customization provided by appmaker

Seeding Kerala has built the event app that is compatible with their website. Appmaker lets you customize app themes easily and make your app stunning.

Summing up

Just as apps for the event, appmaker lets you create a custom app for various use cases including wedding, sports, health care, educational, travel agency and more.

You can checkout here whether your kind of app is offered by appmaker

Create stunning custom apps with zero coding!

event app builder provided by appmaker

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