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Implementing Shipping for Small Businesses

The successful managing and handling of shipping for small businesses help you to reach the break-even point at a faster pace. Also, most of the customers are particular about how their products are delivered along with transparency.

It is critical that you implement perfect shipping strategies to place your business at the correct pace.

Shipping for small businesses

ECommerce and mCommerce customers will always want to receive products quickly and in perfect condition. Shipping for small businesses needs to consider several factors in order to satisfy the customers’ expectations. Therefore, get started by knowing the basics of shipping methods and fulfillment by analyzing the following points.

Cost of shipping

You should have a reference ready for the cost of your shipping considering the weight and size of the package, the area pin code, the insurance amount, and the state you are shipping the product to.

Volume to be shipped

Do you have a fixed volume to ship and a regular time-space?

You can get a regular business plan from the shipping tool you are considering going forward with and you can save your time and energy by enquiring the same.

Packaging and branding

The moment your product is opened the customer should be thrilled and not annoyed by the poor packaging. The kind of packaging depends on the product you are shipping. Also, make sure your products don’t reach damaged to the end-users.

Standard Packaging

This will be basic packaging and the cheapest and will work best if you have built the customer trust. It should be water-resistant and you can also consider bubble wraps if your product is fragile.

Brand Packaging

This can be considered if you want your brand known to the customers. You can print your brand name and logo in the boxes or packets of your product to serve the purpose.

Customized Packaging

Customized packaging is for the thrilling unboxing experience for your customers. This comes on the expensive side to impress your customers. You can add a personalized letter, discount coupon, a free product, or a package with fragrance to tempt your customers to get back to you. Certainly, an extra effort in anything goes a long way and will be the same with your customers.

Selection of the shipping tool

Do proper research on the shipping tool you will be using to deliver your products, checking on the cost and time policies. You can choose USPS, UPS, or services like FedEx. If you need to deliver your product on the same day you can go for FedEx, which will incur you more cost in the process. UPS does overnight shipment, if your delivery date is the next day you can choose this option and will always have good rates for big-sized packages’ is the one often chose for small businesses as the rates are comparatively reasonable.

Delivery Time

You should always consider the speed of shipping the products. Customers are always pleased to get their shipments on the delivery date committed or earlier. But a delay in the delivery time will end up losing customers and a black mark to your brand.


You will be making a wise decision by spending extra for insuring your packages for unforeseen circumstances. This will always incur you extra cost and if you are not ready for it you can opt the third-party insurance.


There are few effective plugins to help you with managingn the shipping for small businesses. The right implementation and usage of these will help you exceed your customers’ expectations.

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