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Loyal customers are extremely important for any business. This is because they are capable of contributing to your store revenue more than new customers. According to this study by Bain, customers spent more on apparels from a brand after knowing the brand for 2-3 years. The figure was 67% higher than what they spent on […]
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It’s time that we acknowledge people love shopping online. The digital world has forced the bricks and mortar commerce to revamp itself into E-Commerce. It all started off with E-Commerce websites. And now mobile apps have begun to take over. Which says mobile commerce is now into action. Having an E-Commerce business has immense advantages […]
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mCommerce usage and revenue statistics project that mobile development technology is getting a huge momentum in the current scenario. Similarly, mCommerce trends see innovation and technological revolution more than any other sector. According to Oberlo, mCommerce sales are estimated to continue until at least 2021, with mobile with a projected increase by 22.3 percent to $3.56 […]