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How to Configure Zendesk Chat for your App

Go to and create an account for your business.

  1. Log in to your account and click on the icon in the top right corner and select Check  connectionzendesk-appmaker1
  2. Copy the Account key
  3. Paste  the Account key  in Appmaker  create page and update your appzopim-chat-app

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Simple and Essential Marketing Tips for E- Commerce Sites

For an E-commerce site, not only reaching out to new customers but also to make them return to your site is important.The chances of buying a product by a recurring customer are very much than a new client.Here are some tips to increase your website traffic and obtain recurring clients.

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How to setup facebook login for your App

  1. Go to and log in with your Facebook account
  2. Click on  My Apps and select Add a New Appfb-login

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How to generate Firebase config file for push notifications and analytics

      Using push notification, you can send messages to your users even when they are not using your application.For example, when you launch a new product or give a discount to products you can inform your customers with push notification and it will appear on notification bar on iOS and Android. This will increase the retention and engagement of users with the app.

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Publish Windows App to Windows Store

Windows Store is an App store for Microsoft Windows. Like other store Windows Store consist of a collection of variety apps supporting many Windows devices. Both free and paid apps can be distributed through Windows Store. It is way to distribute your apps to the market where the customer can download and install it in their devices. After build your app with , you will get publishable package which can be submitted to Windows Store. Start uploading your app to Windows Store.

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Publishing iOS Apps in App store

App Store is  digital distribution platform by Apple Inc. It is accessible from every iOS device and provide the iOS apps which can be downloaded onto an iOS device. It is the only way to download apps onto iOS device without jailbreaking the device.

Building iOS app with made easy, fast and efficient. It may take only a few minutes to set up your app. After building your iOS app, your app is ready to publish it on the Store.

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Publishing Android App in Play Store

After building a native Android app with, you need to submit your app to Play store so your customers can download and install it into their mobile devices. The first thing you need is google play developer account.

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How to Create an e-Commerce Site with WooCommerce

People always dream of their own eCommerce store for their company, store or upcoming startup. When these people’s go out and search for an eCommerce website, the developers charge more than $1000 for an eCommerce website which is kinda expensive. WooCommerce has came into action and now, it’s so easy and affordable for everyone to start their own eCommerce with WooCommerce

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WooCommerce Product Addons – Make an Application

Just like the puzzle you see up there, your WooCommerce website is not complete unless you have a native Android or an iOS app. The world is running behind purchasing things they love and they want it comfortably either. Most of them prefer to use an app rather than messing around the web.

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How to Convert Your WooCommerce Site to an App

WordPress is the world’s largest content management system and WooCommerce is one of the famous e-commerce integration for WordPress. Recently we all heard about the marriage of WordPress and WooCommerce after a long term of living together relationship. Actually it’s a very good news to both developers and customers who are using them.

Manual web development is getting ready to die, for example if I’m in need of an e-commerce website, basically I won’t hire a developer these days. I’ll hire a WooCommerce expert or I’ll learn WooCommerce which can be easily done. After a week of learning, I can surely create my first e-commerce store with WooCommerce and WordPress. The advantage of having something simple and comfortable like this is huge.

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