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WordCamp Kochi 2019: A blissful event upholds learning and networking that conveys a message for a greener future

Here’s a brief overview of events happened at WordCamp Kochi 2019 where Appmaker was one of the Silver Sponsors and what has happened at the event.

Banner image for WordCamp Kochi
WordCamp Kochi 2019

The WordCamp community hosted this year’s event at CUSAT Seminar Complex, Cochin University of Science and Technology, attended by reputed speakers and WordPress enthusiasts across the world sharing their ideas on WordPress security, design, development and more.

However, you want to know about the winner we mentioned in the beginning, right? Read on for that!

A ‘Go Green’ event 
set of plants kept for distribution
Plants were given to all the attendees

WordCamp in Kochi has painted green and put forward an initiative to save our Mother Earth. The event invited attention to those who were attending not to carry any plastic materials which are non-recyclable. On the contrary, the event saw television screens across the venues, eliminating placing plastic banners/standees. At the same time, the organizers even considered an idea to replace non-recyclable vinyl banners with cloth banners that the sponsors can re-use for further events.

Furthermore, The organizers even distributed saplings and seeds to the WordCamp attendees entrusting a greener environment for the future.

In the meantime, the idea behind the green initiative has become a success and the credit goes to the proud sponsors for the event whose contributions paid off.

Meet the Silver Sponsors
A group photo of the Appmaker team
Team Appmaker.xyz at WordCamp

Appmaker.xyz was one of the Silver sponsors for WordCamp Kochi besides Bluehost, HubSpot, and GoDaddy

We are the #1 online app builder who develops native apps from your WooCommerce or WordPress website. The beautiful native apps are easy to build from your store or website URL. 

Most importantly, if WooCommerce is your business and the website you’re running isn’t returning your expected sales, then try converting it to a native mobile app that pitches out your brand to billions of mobile app users increasing your overall revenue.

Excited to build your mobile app to boost sales? Create your app now!

There’s more that happened at the WordCamp. One being the insightful talk session delivered by our WordPress developer about the topic, WordPress REST API Integration.

A much-appreciated talk session 
A girl speaking on mic at an event
Shifa Shaji speaking on WordPress REST API Integration at WC Kochi

The WordCamp Kochi saw an excellent talk on WordPress REST API Integration. The speech delivered by one of our WordPress developers, Shifa Shaji. Started her career as a PHP developer, and eventually, got hooked to the world of WordPress. Her career in WordPress started after joining Appmaker.xyz. and ultimately setting footsteps in plugin development.

Meanwhile, Shifa’s topic covered the basics of what exactly REST API is, why it’s useful along with common API requests and responses and some examples to illustrate it. The talk turned out to be the best interactive session with applauses from the attendees who later on admired the speaker.

And the winner is…

We conducted a WordPress quiz at WordCamp and the event was so much fun. Everyone from the event gathered at Appmaker’s networking area to participate. Hardeep Asrani won the first price.

Hardeep is a developer and Star Wars fan from Kanpur. He loves contributing to the WordPress community in many ways, including support, themes, plugins and more. You can find him on Slack pretty much all the time exploring different parts of the WordPress community.

He even took a workshop on – Building Blocks for Gutenberg

WordPress quiz participants at the networking area.
WordPress quiz by Appmaker.xyz
See you next time!

The WordCamp Kochi has registered as the best event that carries a message to save our environment.

We use this as a purpose to congratulate the organizers and volunteers who administered the best WordCamp event ever in Kochi that evoked a fulfilment from the attendees around the world.

A group photo at the event
A group photo at the event

We are looking forward to contributing to future WordCamps and would like to be influential for the WordPress community. 

Read about WordCamp US here.

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