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Getting someone to buy things is tougher than making a simple purchase. It’s difficult to persuade someone to make a purchase. But forcing them to get into repeat purchase mode is exhausting. Because of this, most brand owners do not place a lot of emphasis on keeping customers. Instead, they devote all of their time, […]
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WooCommerce provides the solution for all of those concerns with one platform. Even though you may envision online stores selling physical or digital products, there are many companies using WooCommerce to sell services, rental accommodations, and book appointments. Continue reading to learn how to sell services with WooCommerce and how to expand the functionality of your […]
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WooCommerce is one of the popular eCommerce platforms. It is the simplest when it comes to its configurations and customization. But often, people underestimate the importance of having proper marketing strategies for WooCommerce. Importance of WooCommerce Marketing Strategies WooCommerce is one of the popular eCommerce platforms that help to build a website for a store. […]