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The on-demand economy is getting larger day by day. Economic activities focused on online platforms, where small and medium-level sellers can offer goods or services to customers, are attracting significant consumer attention and spending. Having a mobile-first online presence is critical to every business around the globe. Creating an online store and a mobile app […]
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In today’s eCommerce industry, the importance of the right eCommerce search solutions is ever-increasing. Customers are inundated with options, which can be both overwhelming and confusing. Customers might feel that finding the right product is time-consuming and futile after scrolling through infinite options.  In the end, customers are either caught in the sales funnel or abandon […]
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At first glance, it appears that implementing eCommerce discount strategies and tactics won’t be a profitable move. But this is not the case. The only thing is, proper objectives and studies should be conducted before offering any discounts. Even after implementing an offer, It has to be carefully monitored to see whether the intended results […]