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Building the conference app for ‘Solve for India.’

A conference app is welcomed and expected in most of the conference and events that happen now. An event app doesn’t just include a single program, There will be multiple sessions and speakers for each of the active rooms. In such a scenario a conference app is all you need for smooth navigation.

A conference app helps you make sure that the attendees are informed about all the sessions, the speakers and the topic that each one of them is going to address, etc.

Solve for India, the Tech Startup summit 2019 aims to provide an opportunity for the startups to contribute their skills and tech ideas to solve real problems of India.

The summit involves discussing ideas and mentoring for deploying the latest innovative techs including AI and Machine learning.

At the initial stages of conference preparation, The challenges in managing, scheduling & letting the attendees know the details made them consider building a conference app.

Solve for India- Conference app features

To manage the conference and to let the users know about the schedules, ‘solve for India’ has created a conference app with full amenities.

The launch screen of the app ‘solve for India’

The app was build using appmaker’s custom conference app builder.

Let’s take a deeper look into the features of the event app.

The home In-app page

A home page is the first page that first appears when the users open the app. The studies say that a home page is important because it is the first impression that a user gets. Moreover, it is the home pages which receives the most visits.

The home In-app page of ‘Solve for India’

For ‘solve for India’ the home pages were customized using appmaker’s custom app builder. For this, the app has a dashboard which lets the app admin manage the app.

A Dashboard view of home In-App page

The home page of ‘solve for India’ includes a simple banner that consists of the event name, date and the sponsors.

Appmaker offers 8+ widget, including banners, scrollers and grid.

Widgets provided by appmaker to create a conference app

Navigation menu

When an app contains many categories and pages, a navigation bar can avoid confusions and navigate the users correctly. It makes things more discoverable thereby can improve user engagement with the app.

‘Solve for India’ has created a navigation menu for their conference app. Appmaker’s custom app dashboard lets the admin generate and manage the navigation menu in real-time.

For example, when an extra session pops up during the event, the admin can update the details in the app in real-time. This requires no app update from the app store.

Navigation menu of ‘Solve for India’ Conference app
Navigation menu managed using appmaker’s dashboard

Explore section

An explore section is created using a grid and includes options like Speakers, schedule and About. Whenever a user clicks on these options, the user is navigated to the respective pages.

The event location is mentioned using a banner, and when the user clicks on it, the map is opened.

And finally, the home In-app page includes a grid of supporters of the summit.

Event Schedule

Scheduling events happen in all conferences. Providing a road map and considering all the angles while planning can make things smooth.

And with appmaker’s custom app builder it has become simpler to schedule conferences and distribute it.

‘Solve for India’ has created an In-app page ‘ schedule’ Which can be dynamically managed by the admin using the dashboard.

A schedule list included the event time, name and a calendar which lets the users add the event to their Google calendar

Schedule created using appmaker’s conference app builder

A note about the speakers

There are conference attendees who look deeper into the program’s schedule and speakers.
The Home page of the conference app included all the details of the app briefly.

List of speakers list in solve of Indio conference app
A dashboard view of the app- ‘Solve for India’

About the event

Another In-app page that is created by the ‘Solve for India’ is an ‘about’ page. Just as on a website, an about page is essential as it can give you the chance to introduce the purpose and motive of the conference.

‘Solve for India’ never missed to make an ‘About page’ .

‘About Us’ In-app page of Solve for India
About page of ‘Solve for India’ ( Dashboard view)

The conference app of ‘Solve for India’ includes a ‘Contact us’ option within the app.

Stunning App theme

‘Solve for India’ has used appmaker’s Customizable app theme for their app.

With appmaker’s dashboard, the admin can customize the app theme easily.

Customizable theme provided by appmaker

More features for Conference app

A Live Gallery

Appmaker’s conference app builder lete the admin upload live images and videos of the conference when it is happening.

Event Notification

Engaging the attendees with the conference can be done by sending push notifications to the app users. Appmaker lets the admin send a personalized push notification.

Upload to PlayStore

Share the event app to the users by uploading it to the PlayStore. Appmaker lets you upload the app instantly to the PlayStore through their app managing Dashboard.

Brushing app

An app is expected when there is a conference. It could increase your branding and set everything in control.

Take a look at this case-study where Seeding kerala has build an event app.

Have an upcoming event? Here Build stunning conference app and get things managed without any effort.

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