WCFM Multivendor plugin feature compatibility for mobile apps

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Wondering if you can add a multi-vendor plugin in your app? Worry not! Because Appmaker now provides app support for the WCFM multivendor plugin. This plugin enables store owners to build a marketplace just like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Airbnb or Flipkart within minutes, and with minimal setup. 

If you aren’t already familiar with the WooCommerce Frontend Manager (WCFM) Marketplace plugin, learn more about them by visiting their website and read how you can implement the plugin in your website here.

With WCFM, you can implement some really cool features. Not only that, expect all support from us to successfully run this plugin in your app. WCFM features include :

Create a Store list for all your vendors:

In the Website: Store List is a page where you can list all your site vendors. You can add links to the vendor websites and even add a rating to let your users know about the best ones.

In website, use [wcfm_stores] shortcode to list Stores.

Vendor store list on website

In the App: Show the Store list by creating widgets in the In-App page or set them as a Menu item. Creating a different and prominent widget or Menu item will bring your users attention to the list.

Given below is the process for setting up vendor list from ‘Appmaker dashboard’.

To setup vendor list in In-App page:
Within In-App page, you can Add Block and for that block, action needs to set.
So, in ‘Choose An Action‘ section, from the dropdown you can select ‘Open Vendor List‘ option.

For setting up vendor list for Menu Item:
Click on ‘Add Menu Item‘ button.
Then, within ‘Select Menu Type‘ dropdown you need to select ‘Menu Item‘.
New section ‘Choose An Action‘  dropdown will show up there you can select ‘Open Vendor List‘ option.

Steps showing Store listing in App

When the user clicks on the widget or the Menu option, the screen with vendor details will appear. 

Display vendor name on the product page:

In the Website, on the product detail page, display the Vendor name of the product. 

Vendor name on the product detail page

In the App, you can set the functionality of displaying the Vendor name within the product detail page and provide all the information about the seller of the product.

Vendor name product detail page in App

Display list of products of a specific vendor :

In the Website, on the product detail page, you can see the Vendor name. On clicking the Vendor name, you can visit the store of that particular vendor and see all the listed products.

Product listing of a specific vendor

In the App, you can implement the same function within the product detail page. A “Go TO STORE” button in the Seller information section will be displayed. Click on it and you can visit that particular stores’ product listing.

Product listing of specific vendor in app

Inquiry Module support on the product page:

In the Website, on the product detail page, you can see the Inquiry form button which opens in a popup format. Ask any question that you want.

Enquiry module button in product detail page
Enquiry module form

In the App, you can see the Inquiry form section within the product detail page. Put in your inquiry there.

Enquiry module form in app

Support Ticket module

In the Website, when the customer logins to My-Account page, there Support Ticket section can be seen. If you are facing any problem, just put in your concern there and it will be looked upon.

My account support ticket in website

In the App, you can see the Support Ticket section in the My Account tab which on click will open in a web view.

My account support ticket in app

So what are you now waiting for? Implement this feature in your app and get the best plugin and the best support by Appmaker! If you haven’t already created an app and are looking to make one, click here to get started.

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