Things To Look Out While Transitioning From E-Commerce To M-Commerce Platforms

E-commerce to M-Commerce is an easy word said. Before getting started with  M-commerce, Let’s take a look at the important points to ensure that you are providing a wonderful M-commerce experience.

M-commerce is not at its nascent stage and neither Electronic commerce is not universal. Mobile apps can be used to its extream, in order to achieve the target you want to achieve with M-commerce. The first points that come to the mind are,

The Smart Mobility factor: Flexibility is a prior thing while moving your business to M-commerce platform.  M-commerce put an end to the limitation that users face by using any hardware-heavy machines. Mobile devices are easily portable and the space they occupy is small. The emergence of mobile devices made it easy for E-transactions and more.

Everything in a blink: Each mobile apps have a sleek approach.  Food items and even medical supplies have to be delivered very fast after the order has submitted.  We can say that this feature is delivered by M-commerce applications. All the urgent queries of users are met in time.

Play shopping:  Shopping experience can be turned to complete fun experience with gamification. Rewarding the customers with badges and points is always interesting. People love gift vouchers and scores.

The key to the growth of any organization is customer engagement and it’s not that easy to achieve this. In M-commerce There are many methods to engage users.

Push notifications:  Reaching closer to the customers have come so much easier with Push Notifications. This opportunity can be used for marketing and product promotion. Not to mention the discounts and offers. Customized notification can be sent to each shoppers suiting their interests.

Personalized approach: CRM databases can be implemented for each transaction made by the shoppers to deliver personalized services. Personal purchase details are got as one mobile device is used by an individual alone.

The real reach: M-commerce is a profitable venture to invest in the business because of the usage of mobile devices all over the world. Economic campaigns can be implemented for startup in need of fast growth. Yet M-commerce cannot be considered a reliable plan for all the startup as we can see that there are much such organization gone into dust relying on the M-Commerce alone.

Localization: There are so many features of the native devices which can be used in M-commerce. Like, One can target a group of audience based on the geographical spot, this is possible with GPRS. Selling sweaters? Is it winter in Toronto?

The solution for increased cart abandonment rate E-commerce Industry: Cart abandonment is a plague for the E-commerce industry. This issue can be handled properly. Like, After the user abandon the cart, just with a notification saying about a 15% off for that product is capable if the shopping is done in an hour or two.

This results in an Immediate purchase of the product which was abandoned by the same user.

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