Best eCommerce Shopping app in 2019

The number of retail apps that are uploaded daily to AppStore and PlayStore is 2500. A reason for this is, people nowadays prefer eCommerce shopping app over traditional brick and mortar business. Because online shopping are much convenient in all aspects. In the last festival season, about 70% of shopping was done through E-Commerce apps. In fact, this rate is not gonna shrink.

When this is happening some of the eCommerce apps really stood out of the crowd. And some didn’t.

When we take a look at its causes, they are immense. But, mostly the app features are one critical factor. And here is the list of best eCommerce shopping apps that has nailed it.

#1 Amazon

Shopping app builder, E-Commerce app builder, retail app builder

Amazon is the most liked app by Millennials. The studies state that 35% of the app users are Millennials. The app has nailed it by providing the most essential features that are required for an E-Commerce app.

Personalization is the best of all the features that are provided by Amazon. Products related to the user’s queries are displayed in the home page and suggestions are provided. This increase the chance for a user to checkout after shopping.

In order to provide quick checkout and avoid chaos, auto-filling forms and secured multiple payment gateways are provided in amazon’s eCommerce Shopping app.

#2 Ali Express

Shopping app builder, E-Commerce app builder, retail app builder

This Alibaba owned Retail App is the next most top E-Commerce app. Initially, this was based on China comprising small businesses.

Now Users from various countries can purchase wearables and electronic devices. The app is designed with intuitive screen graphics. And products are displayed in grids and scrollers, making it easy for the shoppers to discover their desired products.

#3 H&M

Shopping app builder, E-Commerce app builder, retail app builder

H&M ranks as one of the leading fashion companies all over the world. They provide Beautifully managed Android and iOS Apps.

H&M makes it easy to share products socially using the bar code scanner. In order to make the app more engaging for the shoppers, the app is integrated with push notifications and E-Mail alerts. In this eCommerce shopping app, Users are notified about every timely sale.

#4 Wish- Shopping made Fun

Shopping app builder, E-Commerce app builder, retail app builder

Wish provides home commodities including electronics, Footwears, accessories, and more goods at reasonable rates. Moreover, the products sold are mostly unbranded items which are delivered right from the manufactures

The app is build beautifully with the essential features including order tracking, Sales alerts, product comparison, international shipping, image browsing, products reviews and loyalty programs.

#5 Home-Design & Decor Shopping

Shopping app builder, E-Commerce app builder, retail app builder

Home Design is one of the best app that sell home accessories. They provide best deals for kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and living room.

Indeed, they have a customer acquisition and retention programs implemented with earn and refer, loyalty programs letting the frequent users score home cash which can be used for shopping within the app.

#6 StockX

Shopping app builder, E-Commerce app builder, retail app builder

There are two crowds for the eCommerce shopping app- StockX. One can sell and others can buy products from StockX. Sneakers, Street-wears, watches and handbags can be sold and bought here. They assure the quality of the products that are sold in the app.

StockX has its processing is more like a stock Market where the sellers place asks and buyers place a bid.


Shopping app builder, E-Commerce app builder, retail app builder

ASOS is a one-stop solution for fashion accessories commodities. This eCommerce shopping app offers access to 850+ brands with latest trends for daily fashion.

The app has simplified the shopping procedure for the users by providing sorting, filter and saved products. Other than this they have included loyalty programs, social sharing, and easy checkout.

#8 Bewakoof eCommerce Shopping app

Shopping app builder, E-Commerce app builder, retail app builder

Bewakoof offers a hassle-free and gratifying shopping exp erience. They provide trendiest youth fashion accessories.

The app includes features like social logins, social sharing, loyalty programs, free shipping, order tracking, sales alert and more. The app is beautifully arranged using banners, scrollers, and grids.

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These days, M-Commerce are just growing vigorously. And it is hard to turn your E-Commerce business easily. An E-Commerce app is a must for E-Commerce business since the competition is high. In order to beat the competitor’s top features are to be embedded within the app.

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How to make an E-Commerce mobile app just like FlipKart/ Amazon in 2019

It’s time that we acknowledge people love shopping online. The digital world has forced the bricks and mortar commerce to revamp itself into E-Commerce.

It all started off with E-Commerce websites. And now mobile apps have begun to take over. Which says mobile commerce is now into action.

E-Commerce mobile app development, build amazon like app

Having an E-Commerce business has immense advantages over traditional retail selling. It brings the opportunity to get a wider market that too in a cost-effective manner. Describing the product features and specification has become easier than before in E-Commerce. Besides, E-Commerce platforms are perfect for brand building.

Among the mobile phone users, a majority has discovered the convenience of E-Shopping. Moreover, the studies state that the business value of M-Commerce will reach $700 billion in 2019.

And it’s all because that E-Commerce mobile apps are so opportune. As you can see there are many E-Commerce apps on the market. Although only a few are really preferred by the users. Apps like Amazon and Flipkart stays top in such a list.

Why is Amazons app successful and not your’s?

build apps like amazon

It’s not just the Amazon’s app, there are numerous apps similar to it, that people prefer the most.

“These are famous brands”– let’s not use this as an excuse for why your E-commerce store is not into track yet.

Whether it be Amazon’s or Flipkart app, they provide extreme user-friendliness. Until and unless the end-users are humans, it is the first criteria that has to be taken care while building an app.

Within the App

It starts with the home page and navigation drawer that are provided by the apps. There’s where the first impression lies.

In both Amazons and flipKarts app you can see that the home page of these apps are filled with Widgets.

Adding banners to the home page which says about an upcoming offer or product release always does miracles in driving traffic and more sales.

And you should have noticed that the whole In-app page is filled with various widgets which is quite engaging. Shoppers stay within the app when they are notified about a flash sale or a discount offer.

Instead of just listing out all the products in one single page, you can see they have added numerous categories which helps a lot in smooth navigation.

The navigation bar that is provided in these apps gives an exact idea about the kind of products that are sold at the store.

The product page

When the users end up opening a product. It should be driving enough to make the user buy the product. These are the factors that secretly force the customer to buy the product from a shopping app

  • Add to cart button
  • Buy now button
  • Add to wish list
  • Product rating
  • Offers for the products
  • Payment options
  • Similar products
  • Interesting product specification
  • Product scarcity (only 2 more left ) / (limited stock)
Simplified checkout procedure

This is where a majority of shoppers abandon their carts. The long form filling procedure and authenticating the entered details is time consuming and boring for the users which make them leave the app.

The checkout procedure provided by E-Commerce giants like Amazon are less complex. With saved payment methods and autofilling forms a smooth checkout procedure is implemented.

User Registration and Login

We can see that most of all the E-Commerce apps encourage users to register and login to their app. In Amazon’s mobile app, the login request either pops up when a user starts a session or when he is checking out. In the first case, the user is not forced to log in, he can log in if he wants to and in the following case the user can checkout only after he has logged in.

Notice that, for logging in and registering, the users can either prefer a standard login or social login.

Enabling social logins for your app decreases the fiction for the user to enter his data and at the same time helps you gain accurate date and public profile of the user. And this data can be efficiently used to personalize the app contents or push notification that are sent to the customer, hence we can include social login as a critical feature that are required for an E-Commerce app.

Building an E-Commerce app with best features integrated.

Am sure that you will be looking forward to knowing whether it is possible to build an E-Commerce app just like. Let’s take a look at what appmaker provides for building an app similar to Amazon

“Does appmaker support features that you can see in an Amazon-like app? “

Let’s start with the Dashboard that is provided by appmaker. It’s with the dashboard the entire app is managed. The app owner gets the access to all the settings. To manage the app, the user doesn’t even need to know any basic coding,

With the super cool dashboard provided by appmaker , the store owner can do the following.

Send push notification

The next thing that comes after making the user install the app is engaging them with your E-Commerce mobile app. And an effective method for this is sending push notifications. With Appmaker’s dashboard, the store owner can easily personalize push notification and send them to the targeted customer.

Furthermore, sending a push notification and taking the user to the home page of your app might make him wonder ” where are the offers?!”.

Moreover, appmaker provides deep linking for push notification, which takes customers to the exact product or category which is mentioned in the push notification.

Manage In-App page content:

Let it be home In-app page or an offer page. Instead of just listing out the products, you can use banners and other widgets to make it more user-friendly and attractive.

Appmaker’s dashboard lets you build such attractive In-App pages just as in the case of Amazon. For this appmaker is providing 8 different widgets. Namely,

E-Commerce appbuilder widgets
Adding a widget with appmaker CMS
  • Banners
  • Slider
  • Grid
  • Menu
  • Product Scroller
  • Image Scroller
  • Text Widget
  • Pre-Build Product scroller
In-app page build with appmaker
In-app page build with widgets provided by appmaker

With the above-mentioned widgets, the In-app pages of Appmaker are attractive and above all engaging.

Ente book app build with appmaker

For example, Its new year and you have to make the users aware of the new offers. With appmaker’s dashboard customized banners and other above mentioned widgets can be added.

And here is an In-App page of a customer app of appmaker

Likewise, Appmaker lets you create multiple In-app pages and action can be assigned to each widget.

Ente book app build with appmaker

Menu for a smooth navigation

It’s for the menu that most of the users first go for when they open an app. Because a menu gives an exact idea about what the app is about to the users. And hence designing an app with an interesting navigation bar is essential.

navigation menu provided by appmaker
Navigation bar build with appmaker

The navigation bar that are built with appmaker includes all the attractive features that one should have. Unlimited categories and options can be added to these menus easily. Moreover, managing them is also possible with appmaker’s dashboard.

Themes and layouts

Some people prefer a stable theme or design for their store. But for the users they always opt something that is not common. Bringing a whole change over for your store is now possible with Appmaker.

WooCommerce appmaker
Customizing Theme using Appmaker Dashboard

The theme of the entire app can be customized easily with appmaker’s dashboard.

Launch screen

launch screen build with appmaker

Launch screen also known as splash screen helps in hiding the loading time and increase your brand visibility. with appmaker’s dashboard, the store owner can manage the launch screen of their app

Social logins and Registration

social login for ecommerce apps
Social login

Just like Amazon’s app, you can implement Social logins with appmaker. Social logins help in reducing the fiction for the user to enter his data and at the same time, you can gather verified data. Appmaker’s platform provides both the standard and social login.

social login for ecommerce apps
Social login

Add to Cart, Buy Now and Wish List

Sales are the basic intention of having an app. And these are the buttons which help achieve it. Appmaker lets you include and as well as remove ( In-case if you prefer a catalog mode app) these buttons. And all the product and category pages include these buttons. Moreover, redesigning these buttons are also possible.

Sorting and Filtering

In order to make shopping easier and convenient for users, appmaker offers Product sorting and filtering. Users can filter the products using attributes such as color, brand, size, and more.

Summing up

Having just an E-commerce business may not be a bang. You have to be kept updated with the latest trends in E-Commerce. A website can do lot to improve your online business, And An app can do much better in customer acquisition and engaging them.

Here is an article about the selected advantage of having an app for your E-Commerce business.

Appmaker has shown its excellence in developing E-Commerce native mobile apps. Before you take a leap into M-Commerce, Look for its checklist. Here is a free E-Book about mastering M-Commerce, which will help you gain deeper knowledge.

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2019 Top WooCommerce agencies in Kuwait


Day by day Business owners are all becoming internet savvy as they are always looking for a better solution to improve revenue. Redistributing products and services online helps a lot in increasing the potential for selling a product. Online stores have become a necessity in order to drive more customers to your store.

And WooCommerce is just a perfect platform to host an E-Store irrespective of the size of your store. Choosing a perfect WooCommerce agency can be a bit confusing. Here is the list of the top WooCommerce agencies based in Kuwait.

Kuwait solutions

Kuwait Solution was founded back in 2008.  This digital marketing agency provides services in different domains. They have specialized in Web Design and development, E-Commerce store development, Search engine optimization, Social media marketing, and search engine marketing.

Being an expert in E-Commerce solution, the company has been providing E-Commerce services for the past 7 years. Kuwait solutions provide all the features that are essential for WooCommerce store. Like, you can sell unlimited products and create n number of categories and its subcategories. You can set attributes and features for each product with images. Other than this the features provided by Kuwait solution include,

  •  Add product textures and custom colors
  • List product dimensions
  • Choose product conditions (new, refurbished)
  • Product references (EAN-13, JAN, UPC)
  • Display unit prices on products
  • Customize product fields
  • Catalog mode (same features, without checkout)

Address: Kuwait Solutions (AMI International)
Salmiya, Fatma Complex
Ground Floor

Phone Number: +965-60616701

Email ID:


Chrisans web solution is one among the WooCommerce development agency located in kuwait. A long list of digital services that are offered by Chrisans comprises, Web  design and development, E-Commerce development, Software development, Web maintenance, and updates, Knet credit card integration, Content management system, Social media marketing, Search engine optimization, SSL certificate, Google map optimization, app development, and web hosting.

Other than WooCommerce development, E- Commerce services provided by Chrisans include, 

  • Magento
  • Opencart
  • PrestaShop
  • nopCommerce
  • BigCommerce
  • Virto Commerce 

You can build a complete E-store with an efficacious and engaging E-Commerce website. The WooCommerce package includes unique theme development, shopping-cart, plugin and module development and even more. They have a team of highly skilled and qualified professionals stays up to date with WooCommerce .

Address: Chrisans Web Solutions
Office No -602, Sixth Floor,
Salhiya Tower Building, Kuwait City, Kuwait
Chrisans Web Solutions
Office No -602, Sixth Floor,
Salhiya Tower Building, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Phone Number: +965 – 50625825

Email ID:

Hassan M Bashir

Hassan M Bashir is a WooCommerce professional based on Kuwait. A range of services including online marketing and social media are provided by Hassan.

All the E-Commerce websites that are developed by Hassan are Fully functioning mobile friendly E-Commerce websites. 

Just like for WooCommerce websites, Hasan provides E-Commerce services for the following,

  • Magento
  • Opencart
  • PrestaShop

WooCommerce websites build by Hassan includes multilingual support, secured payment gateway integration, Knet Integration and more.

Phone Number: +965 96045900

Email ID:

Dary Web Design

Being one among the top WooCommerce website development in Kuwait. Dary web design was founded back in 2009. Since then they have been delivering an extensive range of websites and applications to business all over the globe. 

Dary web design builds impressive websites and mobile apps compatible with different devices.  

The team is adept at delivering responsive E-Commerce services. They work with the following

  • Magento
  • osCommerce
  • Ubercart
  • VirtueMart
  • WooCommerce

 At Dary Web Designs, just as you Stores, unique features and responsive E-Commerce designs are developed. A custom-made solution that matches your requirements are delivered here.

Address: 5th Floor, Kiwan Complex, Near Hawally Park, Tunis Street, Hawally, Kuwait.

Email: info@darywebdesign

90ne Number: +96522626861 


Converting your store into online can benefit in many ways. An online store helps you retain customers, increase sales and all above increase your brand value. Getting your store online lets you get access to customers all over the world.

WooCommerce/ WordPress is a perfect platform to host an online business. This versatile platform is easy to use and hence it makes a perfect platform for your online website.

At the same time, building a native app is as important as building a website.  With just website, you cannot enjoy all the advantages of getting your store online. Its accomplished along with native mobile apps. When compared to websites, mobile apps are more productive.

Cart abandonment is the major nightmare for online stores, With mobile apps, cart abandonment rate can be incredibly decreased by sending customized push notifications and messages. Engaging the customers with the store is the next concern for store owners.

And this list continues. But with an app, Majority of the issues can be handled smoothly.

Thinking about how to build a native mobile app that is compatible with your WordPress/WooCommerce websites? Then Appmaker is the perfect choice for that. Appmaker helps you convert your website into mobile apps. It’s not just a web app or hybrid app, but an advanced fully customizable native mobile apps.

Why take my words. Appmaker is now providing a free demo.

In the demo, You’ll get to know about,

  • Super cool dashboard, which can be managed with just drag and drop (Yes, Zero technical knowledge required).
  • A Free demo app of your store.
  • Talk about the special customization/feature that you want for your mobile app.
  • Get a quote about the pricing.

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