Appmaker is a WordPress/ WooCommerce native mobile app builder. Appmaker is different from Codecanyon and at the same time serves the same purpose just as Codecanyon WooCommerce Android but in a better way.

Codecanyon Alternative= appmaker WooCommerce android and iOS

And how come appmaker better than Codecanyon WooCommerce?



  #1 Appmaker provides native mobile apps:

A hybrid or web app wouldn’t suit a WooCommerce site as for it, the quality is the first factor which is given priority for.

Codecanyon Alternative- Entebook app build with appmaker
An in-app page of EnteBook – An online bookstore build with app maker

The number of users that wait for an app to load is very rare. Shoppers leave before the app gets loaded. For a WooCommerce website to lose customers implies a depressed sales. A native mobile app helps retain customers and increase sales. Native mobile apps build with appmaker promises fast performance and a high degree of reliability.

Appmaker builds interactive apps which have access to the features of the local device.

Buying Codes alone is not sufficient to satisfy the properties of native mobile apps.

#2 Managing the app:

” Christmas is nearing”. A changeover for E-commerce/ WooCommerce mobile app is essential. With Appmakers interactive dashboard, the store owners can easily manage the app. They can add event special banners, sliders and even more to the store with the appmakers dashboard.

The entire store theme is customizable whenever the user intends to.

Codecanyon Alternative


However, if you are buying codes from Codecanyon,

  1. You should have the technical knowledge to manage or edit the apps since the app’s code has to be edited for this.
  2. Need to hire a developer to make changes to the app. For sure, This is gonna cost you more.


And if you end up in deciding to make no changes to your WooCommerce store, That’s less entertaining and boring.


#3 App updates:

App updates are important as they can improvise the working of the mobile app.

WooCommerce apps listed out in Codecanyon doesn’t guarantee app updates.

To bring the creativity and make the user interface more winning, the store owners can make changes in

  1. App icon and name
  2. App theme
  3. Add or remove languages

…And a lot (a lot) more…


Moreover, all the updates that are made by the app owner are reflected immediately at the app.

In order to improve the stability of apps, appmaker provides full backend assistance.

By continuously monitoring, appmaker’s tech team deals with the critical patches and security breaches.

#4 Technical knowledge:

The main problem with Codecanyon WooCommerce android apps lies here.


If you are searching for WooCommerce/ WordPress native mobile apps, probably you will be the store owner. In other words, the store owners necessarily may not be techies who know to edit and update the apps.

Codecanyon alternative- WooCommerce appmaker
Appmakers’s Interactive dashboard

Buying code alone can be hectic for non-techies and newbies. Managing the entire app with code alone is complex and time-consuming. A developer has to be hired every time the app owner wants to edit or make a change which is gonna cost more.


Whether the store owner is techy or not, the WooCommerce app build with appmaker can be managed even without knowing the basic coding.


Above all, appmaker provides full assistance for the store owners throughout the business.

#5 Interactive Dash Board:

if I may say –“managing made super simpler”

Codecanyon WooCommerce Android
Customizable theme provided by appmaker


The appmaker’s dashboard lets the store owners manage the entire app with just drag and drop. By logging in to the Appmaker’s dashboard, the store owner can edit the In-app page and all other content without any difficulty.


The  WooCommerce apps offered by the Codecanyon vendors like Vectorcode not provide an Interactive dashboard. The store owners will need to edit the code if they wish to make any changes to the app.


Summing up

There is nothing new about building an app with no innovations. Apps for WooCommerce websites are supposed to be interactive. It’s not just about building an app without progressiveness. WooCommerce apps should serve the purpose of your WooCommerce store- mainly meant to drive more customers and sales.

With just the codes the likelihoods to gain this is very low. In contrast to Codecanyon, Appmaker’s WooCommerce/ WordPress Apps helps you build a responsive native mobile app for Websites.


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