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Trends in mCommerce that every web developer should know

mCommerce usage and revenue statistics project that mobile development technology is getting a huge momentum in the current scenario. Similarly, mCommerce trends see innovation and technological revolution more than any other sector. According to Oberlo, mCommerce sales are estimated to continue…
Checklist Before Launching Your mCommerce Store

Checklist Before Launching Your mCommerce Store

The transformation of the eCommerce store to mCommerce store is not uncommon these days. It was observed that by the end of 2020, mCommerce would comprise almost 45% of the whole U.S. eCommerce market. Following are some interesting statistics published recently by…
mCommerce checklist

2019 mCommerce Checklist

Thinking to move ahead with converting your eCommerce business to mCommerce? You’ll be hearing all about the necessity of having a mobile app. Before you jump to a conclusion, let’s check out what your users expect from a mobile app.…