2019 Black Friday: Survival Kit For E-Store Owners

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Black Friday ideas for WooCommerce / Ecommerce
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2018 Black Friday is here. Increase in sales, converting slow sales products into demand full products, Customer acquisition, and Whatnot.

This is how 2017 black Friday was,

  • The E-commerce sales of blender increased 10 times than the usual sale in 2017 Black Friday. And expects to quadruple in this year.
  • Gymshark, who provides workout essentials had increased their holiday revenue by 197% and is growing to settle for $128M in the coming year.
  • The Due outages faced by SweetLegs in 2016 was settled just a month before black Friday. And Effectively proceeded to break all the previous records.

With no doubt, this is for what we prepare for when Black Friday is approaching.

Yes, I’ve quoted only the glorious stories which happen during a Black Friday season sale. This is not always the same.

But there are some unexpected guests popping up. Like what?
  • Out of control inventory management – OMG, what’s happening
  • A pile of product orders – which to set of first?
  • People go unnoticing your 70% off tag – Unbelievable
  • Angry shoppers – Mind the reviews.

The crazy sale ideas that you implement at your store has all the potential to drive you crazy. Not to mention the competition that is out there during this day.

Seeking the bright side, we have brought you some essential ideas and strategies to gear up your online business during this black Friday.

Don’t wait for Thanksgiving

Thanks giving for WooCommerce

Start the prep at the earliest because shoppers start window shopping at the end of October itself. And make your store discoverable so that the users can look around. Sure, they’ll be evaluating whether to buy the products from your store and guess what? Most of them will be buying some.

  • Start with optimizing your app:

Store app should be highly optimized in order to make sure all the customers arriving at the store has a good user experience. This will do miracles on converting the store visitors into buyers.

Start optimizing your WooCommerce app and website. The images that are added to the app and website effects the loading time and performance of the app. Appropriate size for images has to be chosen so that it does not intrude the working of the app.



Email marketing for wooCommerce apps

Connect with customers in order to keep them informed about the deals and offers that are up to come.  Send Emails to give the users a clear idea about how the store is going to be in Black Friday. Moreover, Emails are always an initiative for starting a conversation with the users.

The Emails can be of informative and if necessary you can add a questionnaire regarding their personal interests. This data can be used to give special offers for that potential user and learn user expectation. The reports of the custora state that 25% of the online sales during Black Friday is generated through Email Campaign.

So why not make the fullest of it?

Social media:

Social Media marketing for wooCommerce

Social media networks are just new channels for your brand. Reaching new customers and Spreading a word about the brand is easier nowadays. With just Email marketing, the inbound traffic of your WooCommerce store is limited. It is more like reaching out the same set of users who know about your brand.

With social media marketing, you can generate more inbound traffic. More Leads increases the probability of having more conversion rates.

Inventory under control:

Offering several deals for this day is easy. Stocking up the inventory with the right amount of commodities to fulfill all the orders fails most of the times.

Let’s be careful that this doesn’t happen this year.

To start with, taking the numbers will be the best way. Examine the financial data and sales record of the last year. Look for a trend or sequence with which you can take an estimate of the inventory cost. Then, you can use the gross profit method and retail method to look up the inventory cost.

Fake Scarcity 

Creating a sense of scarcity can be advantageous even when you have surplus products. The limited products can induce curiosity and eagerness among the users.

  • The users think the limited supplies were limited because the products were either high of demand or were popular. That’s the reason why people opt products that are scare.

Notify the users that there are only a handful of products at your store.

Incentives at the exit doors

Even after putting up the banner “Hurry up! Few more left“, shoppers may abandon their shopping cart. Giving an exigent offer just before the user leaving your app will increase the likelihood for the user to buy the product.

For example, Along with an irresistible offer, enable countdown whenever a user is not proceeding with the checkout procedure. This gives 2 choices for the user, either to refuse the offer or proceed with the checkout.

Don’t forget Staffing

The rush at the store during the holiday season is not uncommon. Proper customer support has to be given during these days or else you will be dealing with angry customers.  Assigning staffs for shipping can help you lessen work load and concentrate on the business.

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