Publish Windows App to Windows Store

Windows Store is an App store for Microsoft Windows. Like other store Windows Store consist of a collection of variety apps supporting many Windows devices. Both free and paid apps can be distributed through Windows Store. It is way to distribute your apps to the market where the customer can download and install it in their devices. After build your app with , you will get publishable package which can be submitted to Windows Store. Start uploading your app to Windows Store.

Windows Developer Account

Ignore this if you already have an Windows Developer account. To publish Windows apps on Windows Store, you’ll need to create a Windows Developer account. Here is how creating Windows Developer account.

  1. Goto
  2. Click Sign up and login with Microsoft account .
  3. Select Account country/region.
  4. Choose the Account Type. Windows Developer registration requires a one time registration fee depending upon the Account Type. For individual account requires registration fee of  $19 and for Company account registration fee is $99 .
  5. Enter Publisher Display Name and Contact info.
  6. Fill up the Billing information.
  7. Review your account info and confirm that everything is correct.
  8. Accept App Developer Agreement.
  9. Click Finish.

Before Publishing

As every store there as some requirement inorder to complete the submission to the store. In Windows Store for submitting apps requires obviously the package file and rest will be mentioned below:

  1.   App description( max characters 1000).
  2.  Atleast one screenshot, if your app support both desktop and mobile you can upload for each separately. For desktop, screenshot of 1366 x 768 pixels or larger recommended. And for mobile,  screenshot of either 768 x 1280, 720 x 1280, or 480 x 800 pixels are required.

Submitting to Store

  1.  Download the Package from
  2. Login to
  3. Click on the App name that you have reserved previously.
  4. Click on Start Your Submission.
  5. Select Pricing And Availability. In this section you need to choose the Base price and the Free trial .You can select it as Free and No Free trial respectively if you making your app free in market. You can set different price and availability for each market separately under Markets and Custom prices section, by default app will be available in all market and base price will be Base price you selected before. Next select the Publish Date. Once you complete it, click on the save button. Now the status of Pricing and Availability changes from Not started to Complete and green tick mark.
  6. Click on App properties. In this you have to choose the Category of your app and App declaration. In App declaration select all boxes. Leave Hardware Preference as it is. Click Save button.
  7. Click on App Rating. Take the IARC questionnaire, when complete click on Save button.
  8. Click on Packages, here is where you upload the appxupload file. Click on Browse your file and select your appxupload file downloaded from and wait till uploading and analyse is complete. Once completed click on Save button.
  9. Select App Description. Enter your App description and upload screenshots. Fill up the Keywords. These are the words when user search it can find your app in store. Fill up all other if you want to( not mandatory). Click on Save button.
  10. Once filled up it will show all the status as “Complete”.
  11. Now the Submit to the Store button will be enable. Click on it.

After submission your submission status changes to Pre-proccesing. It may takes upto 2-5 days to get approved and will be published as you selected while submitting or your can change it.

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