How to Create an e-Commerce Site with WooCommerce

People always dream of their own eCommerce store for their company, store or upcoming startup. When these people’s go out and search for an eCommerce website, the developers charge more than $1000 for an eCommerce website which is kinda expensive. WooCommerce has came into action and now, it’s so easy and affordable for everyone to start their own eCommerce with WooCommerce

Installing WordPress

WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress to convert it into an eCommerce. Your first step is to install WordPress in your hosting account under your domain name.

For an eCommerce with few products (few hundreds) and low visitors, you could go on with a Linux shared hosting. If you are making a larger eCommerce store, then we’d recommend to have Virtual Private Servers.

  1. Goto and download WordPress
  2. Upload it to your server and unzip it
  3. Create a database.
  4. Goto your domain and you will get WordPress installation wizard. You will need to fill up details including your database details during the process.
  5. Complete the installation and your WordPress is Ready
  6. To access admin panel, goto

INSTALLING Woocommerce

WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress which converts WordPress into an eCommerce website. Follow the steps to install WooCommerce.

  1. From you WordPress admin panel, goto Plugins > Add New.WooCommerce-Plugin-Add-New
  2. Search for “WooCommercePlugin search woocommerce
  3. Click on “Install” for the first result.install woocommerce
  4. Activate the plugin. activate-plugin
  5. Run the setup wizard.setup wizard
  6. You can do basic configuration in this wizard. This include setting up shipping methods, payment gateways etc.

    Let’s Go! Fill up each step and your store is ready!
    You can set shipping charges and tax information. You can later on have advanced option using third party plugins.

    payment woocommerce setup
    PayPal payment gateway is available by default. You can add more using third party plugins

Adding Products

  1. From your WordPress dashboard, goto Products > Add Product.
  2. woocommerce add product

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